Easy Guide for Summer Floral Arrangements


Even though Spring is known for its peak in flowers, Summer has also got its flowers like Marigolds, Zinnia’s, Sunflower and Lavender which have bright colors that attract. There is a way to mix and match colors when you are creating a DIY assortment of Summer Flowers. You must use the complementary color to the bouquet of flowers so that it can be eye-catchy. We can easily make our own bouquet of flowers using small materials. There are many Summer flower ideas which could be from basic to extravagant.

Materials Used:

  1. Fresh Summer Flowers
  2. Water
  3. Scissors
  4. Vase
  5. Tape (if required)

Steps for arranging a Summer Floral Arrangement:

  • Select primary flowers and place the largest bloom first which acts as a focal point. Then select three to four varieties of flowers that vary in shape, size and composition. You can pick Summer Flowers like Marigold, Rose, Peonies and order them online. You must cut the stems in 45-degree angle so that they get moisture.
  • Remove the leaves which could which may fall below the water line so that they cannot create bacteria which could shorten the life time of the flowers.
  • Prepare Your Vase with clear water. You can also use tape to add additional attraction.
  • Now to get a designed look add stems which are taller like Callas, tulips, lavender. By doing these some will get into a different height than other to get a rich look.
  • Next add foliage which works to add a finishing touch like olive branches or Japanese fern.
  • See the extra stems which are ruining the shape of the bouquet and cut them if necessary.
  • Based on the flowers you choose and the colors the assortment look depends.
  • Since there will be many Weddings in Summer Season you can create your bouquet to gift them.

Tips for Choosing Flowers:

  1. If you are choosing flowers of color Tomato Red like Canna or Zinnia, you must add Yarrow, morning glory or bell flower which could be colorful. These Bell flowers are known for their bright blue and violet colors. These are said to have a unique bell shape and adds glory to the arrangement.
  2. If you are going to choose Sunflowers or brown-eyed Susan which are bright yellow in color and Cheerful, try adding lavender, delphinium or cockscomb.
  3. The pinkish dahlia’s or gladiolus should be combined with hydrangea, fox glove which are tall stalks. Due to their fragrance they can make a great addition to any home décor.

Tips for Arrangement to last Longer:

  1. Check your water daily and if required remove the old water and fill in fresh.
  2. Also Check whether there are flowers which have withered which could damage the fresh flowers.
  3. Before adding the flowers add two spoons of apple cider vinegar and two spoons of sugar so that these flowers will last longer.

Since you were given these many options to choose from try doing any of the arrangements above and you won’t believe that you have done such a beautiful arrangement of flowers by yourself and don’t forget to keep all the tips given in mind before starting. You can gift these to any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, to Congratulate or to show your gratitude. Where will you order flowers from? Come to Pickupflowers.com  to order flowers online and find as many varieties of flowers as you want.

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