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Tips To Arrange Flowers For A Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

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The bouquet a bride carries on her big day is a very important detail of the whole wedding preparation. It is the most important piece of accessory she carries with her and should enhance her beauty. With so many different types of arrangements and wedding flowers available, the key is to create a bouquet that complements your style and tells your story.

Here are few flower arrangement tips to consider for your special day:


If you are a traditionalist at heart and seeking a bouquet that immortalises your wedding day, you can arrange your wedding bouquet flowers in a tight bunch of flowers cut to uniform length and style. A round-shaped and densely packed bouquet which features few central flowers and is encircled by filler flowers and greens, looks classic and elegant. Highlighting the intimacy of the occasion, you can choose blooms in shades of pinks and whites and tightly bind them with an organza ribbon to add to the softness. Nosegay bouquet and posy bouquets are good examples for such an arrangement.


The bouquet you carry on your special day should be a reflection of your personality. If you are a wild spirit at heart and have not a care in the world, order flowers online to arrange flowers in a cascade bouquet. Dramatic, yet elegant, arrange flowers like vines and orchids with fresh foliage to spill out like a waterfall in front of your dress. For a sophisticated and graceful look, fitting a princess, use a mix of delicate flowers like peonies, hydrangea and roses in muted tones, to give the effect of pearls trailing in front of you as you walk down the aisle.


When considering options for a flower bouquet delivery for your wedding, a bohemian and rustic arrangement of flower never fails to make a style statement. If it is a fall wedding, use flowers in warm shades of deep red, golden yellow and orange, for a lush and vibrant bouquet in keeping with the bohemian theme. Magenta and fuschia roses and wine coloured dahlias tied up freely in a hand held arrangement with a wisp of a ribbon give the “fresh-picked” look ideal for rustic weddings. Alternatively mix wild flowers with more common blooms like protea and eucalyptus to give your bouquet a rustic feel.


Whether it is a winter, spring or a fall wedding, a play on colour palettes to complement the ambience and the wedding season always impresses. For a dreamy winter wedding use fresh and charming winter wedding flowers like light pink and white dahlias and arrange them in a posy or a handheld style with snow dusted green foliage. Petals of same shades can be arranged and secured to resemble a single large bloom. Known as a composite bouquet, this type of arrangement, with a play on colours looks spectacularly striking.


For a spring wedding, with multitudes of colourful blooms to choose from, arrange different coloured flowers designed to be cradled in the arms. Use long stemmed flowers like lilies, gladiolas, roses, tulips and irises for a chic and simple style.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, with each detail requiring special attention and planning. Our tips on arranging flowers for a wedding bouquet is the perfect place to start when considering different types of arrangements for your bouquet. With so many varieties of flowers with their own quirks and characteristics, a wedding bouquet should embody all the unsaid emotions you feel on your special day.

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