Beautiful Easter Bouquet Ideas You Will Love

Easter Flowers

The lovely holiday of Easter is almost upon us and so is the time to get busy with the preparations. If you have your food menu ready for the day, and gifts are all wrapped, then the last thing to do on your list would be the decor. Since most of your family would be coming over to spend the day with you, it's only natural to want a house that looks good and smells good. After all, this holiday is all about enjoying the springtime with family. These moments with your family would remain as memories forever, so why not make them extra special?

Here, we bring you some ideas for the perfect Easter bouquet and flowers decorations that will turn heads at once. Read on to find out!

Go Traditional

Whoever said traditional decor can’t be stylish didn’t know how to do it right. Picture a stunning dinner table with beautiful linen and pastel Easter egg decorations on it. Throw in some beautiful pink, yellow and white asters together in a low vase to create a beautiful centrepiece. Keep it just by your kitchen, it can be an ideal decor detail and everyone will know that you have a great taste in decor.

Faded Shades of Lilies

Lilies are one of the most common flowers used for Easter decor. In fact, not just Easter, lilies are the go-to flowers for any holiday. For Easter, you can arrange lilies in a transparent glass vase with colourful Easter eggs dipped in the water as the base and toss in some pink and purple tulips to keep them from looking monotonous.

Pop Colour-Mix

If your house is painted with any light or pale colour, you can go a bit wild with the colour selection for your Easter decor. Pick up a few tulips, hydrangeas, button flowers and yellow roses, and bundle them together in a crystal vase for a really chic look that will not only add a little life to the otherwise faded interiors, but it will also keep the house smelling like it’s summer in a bowl. Trust us, a chic colour-mix can never go wrong for an Easter bouquet and flowers arrangement.

Vintage themes

Roses are the life of any home decor scheme. They not only look totally amazing, but they complement everything that surrounds them if the shades are from a more rustic and vintage palette, like graded wine red or purple, for example. You can also mix these with some peonies, tulips, carnations and wildflowers and accentuate your composition and place it all in a jar as a centrepiece on the living room table, or by the entrance to make a good first impression on the guests.

Hope these ideas help you brighten up your home during this fun-filled family holiday! Flowers always charm with their colours, scents and textures, and Easter is a great occasion to give them the spotlight they deserve.

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