Top Easter Flowers And Their Meanings

Easter flowers and meaning

Easter is defined by its customs and traditions, and celebratory flowers add the warmth, radiance and happiness to this holiday. Being a spring holiday, it only makes sense to include these spring flowers that represent renewal and felicity to the celebration. These flowers not only add colour to your space, they also make your surroundings fragrant and remind you of new beginnings. Since every flower represents a different feeling and message, here, we have put together a list of recommended spring flowers for Easter with their meanings, so that you can easily order them from online flower delivery shops.

  1. Lilies

    This flower is the most popular symbol of the Easter holiday. Before this flower completely opens, it is said that it is in a shape of a trumpet which represents God calling his son (Jesus) home, which is highly significant for Christians. White lilies also indicate purity, peace and freedo It is also considered that if you gift white lilies on Easter, it indicates that you are very happy to be acquainted with the person you are gifting it to.

  2. Daisies

    The beautiful daisies, similar to white lilies, hold a special place in the Easter celebrations. These sweet-smelling flowers represent purity and placidness. These two qualities are the highlighted spirit of the holiday anyway. Daisies aren’t just beautiful to look at; they also make a perfect bouquet of Easter flowers.
  3. Tulips

    Tulips, be it in any colour, symbolize passion, love and faith, but if they are in white and purple colour, then they have a special meaning. White tulips represent heartfelt emotions and forgiveness, whereas purple tulips represent royalty.

  4. Hyacinths

    Hyacinths are well known and loved for their sweet fragrance. Generally, hyacinths indicate beauty. However, similar to tulips, hyacinths in different colours have different implications. Purple hyacinths mean forgiveness, while white hyacinths symbolize love and gratitude. Yellow and pink hyacinths are also spotted during Easter, representing cheerfulness and playfulness.

  5. Daffodils

    Daffodils are also one of the most popular Easter flowers for their connection with love and romance. Daffodils are perennial flowers, and this means that these return every year. It is also believed that daffodils bloomed quite a lot during Jesus Christ's resurrection, so it also holds a lot of religious significance.

Easter celebrations are all about fun times with family and these flower decorations definitely add more charm and happiness to the whole holiday vibe. Hope this guide helps you in picking the right flowers for this holiday. While placing an order with a flower delivery service, make sure to check some unique decor ideas for spring flower arrangements. It would definitely be a head-turner for the time when your family visits. can help you to show all of that with graceful and kind gestures along with their superior products and prompt service.

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