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Did you know that out of thousands of flowers there are quite a few dried edible flowers that are available to consume in a lot of different ways. These edible medicinal flowers do have certain unique properties that are missing in the other flowers. So, do check the edible flowers available online just for you.

Edible flowers and history

Yes! There are flowers that have been used for edible purposes for cooking, including them in aromatic drinks like wines and spirits throughout history.There is a recipe in the earliest surviving cookbook by the Roman Apicius for brains with rose petals.
Some of the dried edible flowers variety includes herb flowers, cloves, capers, nasturtium, marigold, jasmine, tulips, ratafia, peach, plum and squash blossoms and so on.
But, since there are poisonous flowers all around as well, it is harmful to try the flowers one is not aware of. Further, never eat flowers bought from a florist. As many florists spray pesticides and other harmful chemicals to keep the flowers fresh.

Dried Edible Flowers

There are many edible flowers even though we generally think about fruits, vegetables and herbs. There are many flowers that aren’t just used for ornamental purposes, or for the bees and other wildlife – they can be delicious, while also being packed full of vitamins and minerals, too.
The Edible flowers available are:-
  1. Daisies-You might find them all over your lawn and are often overlooked.But these tiny little flowers can be eaten in salads or sandwiches.
  2. Pansies-They have a lettuce-like taste, an option for yummy and delicious salads.
  3. Viola/ Violets-Candied violets make the best decoration for cakes.
  4. Calendula-The peppery petals of Calendula can be added to pastas, stir fries, salads and much more.
  5. French Marigolds-There are sometimes added to cooked dishes and also known as “poor man’s saffron.”
  6. Chrysanthemums- The flowers vary in taste as some are hot and peppery, while some are milder and others sweet.
  7. Carnations-They can be used in deserts as they have a sweet aftertaste and the best recipe is a cheesecake.
  8. Sunflowers-You can also consume the petals, and the unopened flower buds can be steamed in the same way as an artichoke.
  9. Tulips- The large, smooth tulip petals make wonderful little platters for sweet canapés, or as little scoops for some ice cream or another dessert.
  10. Roses-Often used in Middle Eastern dishes as rose water which adds an intense rose flavour to a dish. The petals themself can also simply be used as a garnish or extra additions to a range of recipes.
As these are the edible flowers available online either in a fresh form or dried edible flowers. One must not look down upon flowers as mere ornaments and they are much more!

Lovely Nasturtiums and their benefits

Nasturtiums are one of the most widely recognized dried edible flowers. As they are grown worldwide, both as garden flowers and for culinary uses. This brilliant flower comes in a lot of different colors like yellow, orange or red flowers. It has peppery flavored leaves that are used in salads.
The flowers may also be chopped and used to flavor butters, cream cheese and vinegar; the immature flower buds and seed pods may be pickled and used like capers.

Edible Medicinal flowers

Flowers throughout centuries have been used for medicinal purposes to cure ailments of the body. Edible medicinal flowers have been on the hype in recent years as people are turning towards anything and everything that is organic and healthy. The new generation is applauding all the old-fashioned methods and cures.This is because the mass-produced items and goods are not in the fad now.
The most common and 11 amazing edible medicinal flowers are:
  1. Hibiscus- These flowers are large, colorful blossoms in varying colors. They grow in warm tropical climates. These flowers can be eaten raw but are often used to make herbal tea. Research suggests that hibiscus may have a positive impact on cholesterol and blood pressure.
  2. Dandelions- They are considered weeds but are twice as healthy than any normal flower. They are highly nutritious and edible medicinal flowers can be eaten raw or cooked. They are also used to make various foods like jelly and wine.
  3. Lavender- It is a violet flower and is admired for its distinct aroma. It may be eaten fresh or dried and pairs well with a variety of ingredients, such as citrus, berries and savory herbs.
  4. Honeysuckle- It is a fragrant flower known for its distinct aroma, sweet flavor and traditional medicinal uses. It can be eaten straight from the plant or made into an infused syrup that can complement many dishes.The flowers and their extracts are ingested or applied to the skin to treat various inflammatory conditions.
  5. Elderberry blooms- They are beautiful flowers that aid in digestion, reduce fevers and also stimulate the immune system.
  6. Borage- It is a herb that produces small, blue, star-shaped flowers. Used in both traditional medicine, borage is used to treat minor ailments, such as sore throat or cough. and culinary practices, it makes for a beautiful garnish for salads or cocktails and can also be cooked into soups and sauces.
  7. Purslane- It is a nutrient-rich succulent whose flowers and leaves may be eaten cooked or raw. It provides a wide array of vitamins and minerals like especially omega-3s
  8. Chamomile flowers are widely used medicinally to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. They have an earthy, slightly sweet flavor and may be used to make tea or other infusions.
  9. Rose- All varieties of roses are edible, but the ones with the sweetest fragrance are likely to have the most flavor. Rose petals can be used to infuse liquids with flavor or added to sugar or butter to boost your favorite recipes.
  10. Squash Blossom- The flowers that bloom on summer squash can be eaten raw, stuffed or fried. If you’re picking straight from a garden, stick to eating the male flowers so that the squash plants still grow
  11. Pansy- Although commonly used for ornamental purposes, pansies make a colorful and nutritious addition to a variety of desserts and salads.
As we have seen the 11 amazing edible medicinal flowers, hope you also get inspired by them and use these lovely edible flowers on sale either as dried edible flowers or directly. But have your facts in check as to which flower is edible and which flower is poisonous.

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