Edith Malek is an American gardening expert who is fondly called as the “queen of climbers.” Presently Edith is the President of American Clematis Society.

Edith's philosophy is that gardening should be fun and growing clematis should add to the enjoyment. Edith says that she would like to see clematis as popular as Rose in America.

According to Edith, Clematis are among the most coveted of plants, but their reputation for having demanding cultural requirements has discouraged many American gardeners from giving them a try. She considers Clematis, based on her experience as the “queen of climbers”. However, Edith belives that they can and should be far more widely grown.

Edith's The American Clematis Society (ACS) is currently seeking funding to conduct a scientific study of where different clematis will grow in North America.

  • Edith answers all the queries pertaining to Clematis flowering plant from planting , growing to caring.
  • Edith takes classes to answer the questions and tips for growing Clemati.