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Elegant Floral Centrepiece Ideas for a Ladies' Luncheon


Want to wow your friends with the best floral centrepiece they have ever seen? We have got you sorted. It does not always take a lot of time or money for that matter to put up a stunning floral centrepiece for your ladies’ luncheon, even for the ones that were planned in the last minute. You can create any design using your favourite flowers or any flowers that may be a popular choice among your friends. There are a number of designs and tips available here to help you. Check out some easy and elegant looking designs to make next luncheon refreshing and beautiful.

Floral Wishing Well

Create an interactive floral centrepiece by decorating roses and cut crystals around a wicker basket. Roses are a good choice of flowers when you are trying to give an elegant feel to the table. Place small strips of colourful papers in the basket on which the guests can write down their wishes for the host. This is especially a great idea when the luncheon is hosted for special occasions like a baby shower, graduation celebration, or any such celebratory occasion. Guests can write down their wishes for the person celebrating them. You can order flowers online now to achieve this idea quickly.

Blooms Container

Yet another way to add the right amount of elegance to each table is with a centrepiece that has a vintage touch to it. Use serving vessels made in China with delicate designs to hold flowers for the centrepiece. Choose flowers like peonies, roses, and hydrangeas to ensure that the colour scheme is pleasing to the eye and these even go well with most China designs. If you do not have enough number of the same kind of vessels, you can always mix and match to create an interesting theme.

All Time Favourite

One of the popular floral arrangements at ladies’ luncheons is a display of carnations. This is simple yet so elegant. All you need is a salad bowl (wooden preferably), a glass dish that fits in the bowl and a bunch of the centrepiece flowers. All you have to do is cut the stems to an appropriate length and arrange in the glass dish and place it in the bowl. Voila! And you are done!

Row Them Up

If you are looking to go beyond the regular round floral arrangements, you can opt for a refreshing centrepiece which involves rectangular arrangements. Use rectangular flower holders to decorate daisies along with some wheat grass to add a touch of rustic to the elegant rows of these stunning blooms.

When it comes to centrepiece flowers, sometimes, keeping it simple can really help bring out the beauty of the flowers and of the simplicity involved. So, feel free to play safe with roses in red, yellow or lavender on luncheon occasions. Or use peonies, sunflowers or even tulips to make a graceful and bright statement. Remember that pastel centrepieces will look soothing during summers, while bold ones will be a better fit for winter luncheons.

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