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Tips To Remember While Placing A European Flower Delivery Order

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Flowers have been imprinted in European consciousness for long: Black Tulip in literature by Alexander Dumas, Camille novel and play by Alexander Dumas Jr, White Rose the non-violent resistance group in Germany, Florence in Italy named after the Goddess of flowers. So, one need to be very careful while sending flowers to European countries. Since international flower delivery can get tricky sometimes, we have listed down a few to tips and tricks to remember while placing an order for flower delivery to Europe.

  1. Time zones

    While placing an order, make sure you are calculating and picking the right time for delivery based on the time zones. After all, it would be awkward if the flowers get delivered on the wrong day only because there is confusion about the time zones. It will also help you avoid situations like - delivery during the work hours.
  2. Double check the details

    Before placing an order, double check the details that you have put-in like, the delivery address and contact number. Sometimes, a wrong alphabet or a digit can cause issues with logistics, eventually resulting into a delay or cancellation of delivery.
  3. Plan it well

    There is always a possibility of an unforeseeable delay due to unavoidable circumstances like high demand, holiday season, procurement issues due to off season etc. To avoid this hassle, place an order as early as possible, so that the delivery company will have some time for crisis management.
  4. Ask for recommendation/suggestion

    If you aren’t sure about the availability of the flowers of your liking in Europe, speak with the customer care team of the flower delivery website. You can either get a confirmation on the availability or ask for recommendations based on the occasion, your needs and taste.
  5. Cost of delivery

    Before placing an order, check if the delivery company has listed the total cost of the product and delivery on the website. In case of an international flower delivery, there is a chance of getting duped or being overcharged. A lot of companies have hidden charges as well.
  6. Tracking information

    After placing an order for flower delivery in Europe, make sure you have received a confirmation email with tracking number. If you haven’t received a confirmation or tracking details, get in touch with the support team and request for it so that you can track the progress of your order and its delivery.
  7. Check reviews

    It is always recommended to check the product and delivery reviews on the website before placing an order to send flowers. This way, you’d be able to see if any customer has faced an issue and if the website is credible.

Hope these tips help you in placing an order for an international flower delivery in European countries.

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