fathers day history and culture

Any man can be a Father, but it takes a special person to be called Dad.

History of Fathers Day

Father's day is a fairly modern day occasion. For the most part, this day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. However, there are a few countries that have unique dates based on their traditions; for instance Russia celebrates Father's Day on Feb 23 and Thailand on Dec 5. Again, though Father's day in most countries is secular, Roman Catholics celebrate it on St. Joseph's day.

History has it that the first Father's day was celebrated as a church service in Fairmont, West Virginia, on July 5, 1908. It was an effort to sympathize with the death of 361 men in a ghastly mine explosion. Subsequently, one Sonora Dodd enthused by her father's selfless sacrifices towards his six children, celebrated Father's day in Spokane, Washington, on June 5, 1910.

For a long time, Father's day was not officially recognized in the United States. President Calvin Coolidge merely recommended a holiday in 1924, and later President Lyndon Johnson declared it a holiday in 1966. But, it was recognized as an official holiday only in 1972, during the presidency of Richard Nixon.

Father's day has been recognized by the world over as a day when the family gets together, and the children show their love and respect for their fathers. Traditionally grandpas are also given gifts on this day. Father's day special activities are organized in schools and other kid's forums; and flowers and other token gift items are sold by the dozen.

It is a day to bring back the sentiments which get lost in our daily rigmarole. The best way to tell your dad how much you love him is to give him a gift of flower. Roses have been voted as the official flower for Father's day. Lilies also are a good way to express you feelings for your father.

The internet has numerous pages and forums, dedicated to father's day humor, poems, recipes, crafts for children, and other such odds. This Year Father' Day is on June 17th 2007

In 1997, Northern Lights Entertainment produced a hilarious movie titled Father's Day, starring Robin Williams. A woman, in the movie, dupes two old boyfriends into chasing her runaway son. She told both of them that the boy was his son!!