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  • Floral Bouquet Ideas With Orchids For A Birthday

Floral Bouquet Ideas With Orchids For A Birthday

Floral Bouquet Ideas With Orchids For A Birthday

Have a dear friend’s birthday coming up? Are you struggling to find the perfect birthday gift for someone who has everything? While orchids are the perfect gift for all occasions – they are even more special on birthdays. It is one of the most beautiful flowers and if you get them a plant it’ll make for a gift that grows with them. Did you know that there are almost 20,000 types of orchids available in the world? With such a wide variety available, it is no wonder then that this exotic flower is quite a loved gift. If you are planning on gifting orchids for a friend’s upcoming birthday, then these pretty floral bouquet ideas are for you.

Here are a few pointers to learn more about orchids and how you can use them to create the perfect birthday gift.

  • Did you know that each colour of the orchid signifies something different? Well, the colour white signifies purity, innocence and reverence while the colour pink is for grace, femininity and joy. Yellow orchids are for new beginnings and friendships and orange orchids are for boldness, pride and enthusiasm. Purple orchids are given as a sign of respect. So, think about what you want to signify through your floral bouquet of orchids and select the appropriate colour.
  • Orchid flowers are elegant and striking and they are conversation starters too. Imagine a bouquet of orchids kept on the mantle catching the eye of a guest. They are sure to mention it in their conversation and every time a conversation features these orchids, the receiver will be reminded of you.
  • Orchids are long lasting and hence will be in bloom for months after you gift them. Unlike other cut flowers that wilt in a week, these are here to stay and thus, are quite a popular gift option. Additionally, if you are plan to gift an orchid plant, then you would be glad to know that this plant can grow with minimum care. So, even if the receiver does not have a green thumb, the plant will thrive and every bloom will remind the receiver of you.

Confused about floral bouquet ideas you can create with orchids? If you are at your wits’ end to come up with something beautiful for an upcoming birthday, here are a couple of ideas that will help you make the right selection.

  • Request the florist to arrange the selected orchids in a beautiful floral arrangement and get it wrapped with a pretty paper. An orchid looks beautiful on its own, so you need not add any other flower in the arrangement.
  • Choose a beautiful vase and ask the florist to arrange the orchids with the stems in the vase.

Now that you know why you should gift orchids and a few ideas on how to create a floral bouquet, just place your order with a neighbourhood florist. Do not have time to visit the florist or your florist does not deliver to your desired location? We have your back in this case too and would suggest that you place your order with a leading online flower delivery website. These online flower delivery websites deliver to most cities in most countries and have a plethora of options for every budget. Not just orchids, they offer many other exotic flowers too and you can create a custom bouquet. The best part about their service is that they deliver fresh flowers. So, wait no longer and place your order now.

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