Flowers are inarguably the best gifts ever. When these beautiful flowers are specially arranged in designer made baskets, they are simply irresistible. Floral gift baskets thus convey the warmest wishes of the sender. Floral gift baskets are perfect for any occasion from Mother's Day to Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and so forth. Flower Gift Baskets will bring memories that last a lifetime!

One can create floral gift baskets from quite many different combinations of flowers. Selection of flowers should be done on the basis of the basket - the size, depth and color of the basket in which the flowers are being arranged. The color of flowers chosen should go with the basket. The size of flowers should also be in consonance with the size and depth of the basket. We cannot have long flowers and flowers with large heads for a basket which is small and shallow. Similarly, small flowers with small stalks are not suitable for large and deep baskets.

Besides flowers, other gift items like toys, fruits, foodstuffs, balloons, etc., are also added to the floral gift baskets. On feast specific occasions like Thanksgiving day and Christmas, floral gift baskets also include food related stuff viz., fruits, chocolates, cakes, wine, and in some cases, even dining and serving sets as part of the floral basket. A greeting card with a special message for the recepient enhances the value of a floral gift basket. Thus, usually, floral gift baskets are designer made, unique and occasion specific.

The flowers used in floral gift baskets vary from occasion to occasion. The flowers chosen for the floral basket arrangement also vary with the size, shape, depth and color of the basket. Different flowers convey different meanings and so the flowers chosen should also convey that special message. For instance, carnation floral baskets are symbolic of Mothers Day and Roses for Valentines Day. Further, availability of flowers during that season should also be considered.

Lilies are the most popular flowers used in floral gift baskets, followed by roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, gerberas, gladioli, etc. In most cases, floral gift baskets contain colorful flowers to stand out in the floral gift baskets.

  • The most popular flowers used in Floral Gift baskets are Lilies, Roses and Carnations.
  • Floral Gift baskets are the most popular gift items in USA.
  • Floral gift baskets are most popular with the corporate world, in keeping with one’s professional status to gift floral baskets to clients and employees.