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Floral Gifts That Convey A Sweet ‘Thank You’

Floral Gifts That Convey A Sweet ‘Thank You’

When you say ‘thank you’ to someone, you try to appreciate his/her efforts in having helped you in some way or the other. Now, gratitude is best expressed through token gifts than dry words and in this case, flowers are the best way to say a sweet ‘thank you’ and make the recipient believe how thankful you are in the true sense. If you plan to send flowersfor this purpose, it is essential to be aware of the precise types of flowers that prove to be ideal for the purpose. Let’s find out in details:


Gerberas or gerbera daisies are bright, fresh and colourful. They are the perfect kinds of flowers for someone who you need to thank especially because he/she has brightened up your life with their love and wisdom. Well, if you want to make your message of gratitude last long too; Gerberas should be your first choice. These are among the longest-living cut flowers and can last up to 2-3 weeks at a stretch. Hence, they offer a great way to leave a lasting impact on your special one.


These types of flowers echo elegance and class especially when they are at their fullest and biggest. Orchids are bright and carry a strange kind of cheer that is contagious. The flowers communicate luxury and are, therefore, best gifted to someone who has helped you come out of a crisis at work or at home and certainly deserves heartfelt thanks from you. Orchids are also quite long-lived and can last for weeks with a little care and attention.

Mixed Arrangements

If you are not able to decide on any particular type of flowers, being apprehensive of what the recipient would actually like, then settle for the mixed arrangements. The beauty of floral arrangements that contain several assorted flowers is sure to impress anyone out there. If you have some ideas about what the other person likes in terms of flowers, then also, you can get a mixed arrangement with his/her favourite flowers.


Want to do something new and go the unconventional way? Well, then leave aside flowers and go for the small plants, found in wide varieties. A small piece of green on a tub echoes enough positivity and energy. Plants, as means of saying thanks, can beautifully communicate the impact of the recipient on your life. By buying and gifting a plant, you must simultaneously contribute to the environment and our eco-system too.


Roses are conventionally treated as the love flowers and they might not be on top of the list of thank you flowers. But roses can be more vocal in other purposes than you can imagine them to be. They are the most beautiful flowers that never fail to bring a smile on someone’s face. Plus, they work perfectly well as surprise gifts and are found in many vibrant colours apart from red.

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