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Making once own flower arrangements and gardening are one of the very popular hobbies these days. At the same time, it has become a herculian task to find relevant information at one place on to learn the basics and techniques involved in the art. Books and magazines on flowers and gardening are of considerable help in this respect.

But, personal guidance is missing here. And this deficiency can easily be overcome by videos on flowers and gardening where there is a lot of scope for easy learning as the learners can simply imitate the demonstrators as they do it on the screen. Thus, videos are very helpful in easing the process of learning the basics as well as various techniques involved in any of the arts. Here are some of the popular videos on flowers and related topics-

The following links will lead you to videos on floral arrangement demonstrations by Ad Berends, master florist and Creative consultant for Eden Floral Farms. All you need is Windows Media Player to view the video. You can download Windows Media Player now by clicking on this link.

You can download these videos for free by just clicking on the following links. If you would like to view them later, you can simply right-click on the links and choose the option “Save link as...” to save the link-

You can get the following videos on flowers delivered at your doorsteps by ordering them online. Besides floral designing, these videos also cover flower decorations, dried flower arrangements, gardening, etc.

To understand how seriously the British take their gardens, all you have to do is watch Color in the Garden. Penelope Hobhouse, the British garden authority, strolls through Helen Dillon‹s private garden in Ireland, commenting with unquenchable enthusiasm on the luscious color combinations that make up the various colored borders. While it seems almost comical to hear the colors of flowers talked about with such conviction, don't laugh, because you might miss the sage advice that‹s slipped in along the way. (For instance, in a purple border, Dillon repeats vibrant hues in front, which allows for “more of a muddle” behind.) Lynden B. Miller, who designed the perennial garden at the New York Botanical Garden, explains how she used pastels on one side and bold colors on the other.

In Flower Gardens, Hobhouse takes viewers through her own garden as she tries to explain the marriage of structure and natural chaos in the perfect garden. An incredibly diverse private garden in Cornwall is toured while another expert, Marco Polo Stufano, deconstructs what it takes to make a garden out of an “amazing jumble of stuff.” (Hint: Start with a “good architectural backbone.”) It‹s not all theory, though, as Hobhouse shares practical tips that could help your garden resemble those of the pros.

Renny Reynolds, a flower designer who worked for many years at the White House, bestows upon us his wealth of knowledge in the world of floral design. This excellent 70-minute video guides you through a garden's worth of flowers, pointing out names and demonstrating how they can be displayed. Picking the right flower, cutting it correctly, and placing it expertly in the container are just a few of the tidbits you‹ll learn. Reynolds, while a little stilted in his delivery, is incredibly informative as he takes us to a variety of houses to see how flower arrangements can change a room, and discover how the size and color of a bouquet make a tremendous difference in its placement in a room. Also, Reynolds creates a topiary centerpiece that is both oddly creative and easy to make. Use this video to help construct your own floral masterpieces.

This home video is designed to inspire nature and flower lovers to create their own dry flower arrangement. It is not a rigid sophomoric how-to instruction video, where everyone ends with the same results. Flower designer Nina and her actress friend work on their creations, where the artistic expression and talent are more important than technique or skill. Watching them, anyone can create beautiful dry flower arrangements for their home, or expensive looking personal gifts. Develop a new hobby, or perhaps an enjoyable new career. It is easy and fun to do with friends or alone.

Gardeners and hobbyists will find a feast for the eye and a challenge to the imagination. The video package includes a recipe sheet with a list of tools and flowers necessary to create the six arrangements shown on the video.

Using a mixture of archive photographs, illustrations and newsreel footage, Alan Titchmarsh takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of the world‹s most prestigious horticultural event, the chelsea flower show. The story spans nearly two hundred years, from the birth of the royal horticultural society in 1804 to the development of the great spring shows that dazzled victorian england and culminated in the creation of the extraordinary event we know today. Unforgettable images of exhibits and gardens of long ago are interwoven with interviews and anecdotes from many of those closely involved with chelsea over the years. Packed with historical detail, the programme is about much more than plants and gardens. There are accounts of the show‹s links with the royal family and the english social scene, its battles with the vagaries of the british climate and the many colourful characters and incidents, triumphs and dramas that have caught the imagination of generations of garden lovers.

The videos on various topics on flowers and gardening are bound to captivate the audience by a step-by-step demonstration ulike the floral books and magazines where there is only pictorial guidance at the maximium.