florist associations

Floristry is a business of raising or selling flowers and ornamental plants and a florist is a person engaged in the task of raising or selling flowers and ornamental plants. Floristry, as an industry, is growing at a very good pace along with the increase in the number of florists operating world-wide. As seen in other industies, florists in a geographical area come together, form networks to form associations for the benefit of the florists in the network.

In the floral industry, there are both commercial as well as non-commecial associations. While commercial florist associations like the FTD, Fleurop-Interfora, etc., engage themselves directly in the commercial activity of selling flowers, some other non-commercial associations like SAF, Flower Council of Holland, etc., enable the promotion of flowers and the welfare of the member florists in their association. Here is the list of some international florist associations around the world-

  • Arizona State Florists' Association - Trade group representing professional florists and floral wholesalers in the state. Describes certification program and includes events schedule and directory of members.
  • California State Floral Association - Only organization in California representing the entire floral industry on a state level, supported by growers, wholesalers, retailers, and allied industries.
  • Chesapeake Floral Association (CFA) - The mission of the Chesapeake Floral Association (CFA) is to assist all members in the growth and betterment of their floral businesses and the associates that work within them. The association will do this by providing affordable ways and means to promote, market, educate, network, and better manage their businesses.
  • Fleurop-Interflora - Fleurop-Interflora is the world market leader and the best known flower ordering service in Europe, supported by over 58,000 affiliated flower shops in over 150 countries. The foundations of Fleurop and its world-wide distribution system were established in 1928. Today, Fleurop- Interflora processes over 25 million orders each year.
  • Connecticut Florists Association - The state's only trade association representing the floral industry comprising of independent flower shops, wholesale florists and growers of flowers and plants.
  • European Floral Suppliers Association (EFSA) - Support and education for retailers and suppliers to the floral and lifestyle industry.
  • Florida State Florists' Association (FSFA) - Professional trade association for retailers, wholesalers, growers, manufacturers, brokers, shippers and importers. Includes board members, news, convention details, design competition rules and scholarship application.
  • Flower Market Association of New York City - Promotes interests and goals of wholesalers, retailers and floral designers in the city. Includes history, issues, leadership and directory of members.
  • FTD - Founded by a group of florists in 1910, FTD is the world's oldest floral association. FTD connects approximately 20,000 North American retail florists and supports an international floral delivery network of 50,000 affiliated FTD Florists in 154 countries.
  • Illinois State Florists Association - Represents florists and floral suppliers that serve the state. Features information on programs and services, floriculture and ornamental horticulture promotion, and the Illinois Certified Professional Florist Program.
  • International Floral Distributors (IFD) - Member-owned marketing group comprised of wholesalers and distributors to create cooperative buying opportunities. Features activities, member list, and password-required message board.
  • Los Angeles Flower District - Connects growers, wholesalers, shippers, and retailers with flower markets throughout the world. Includes history, photo tour, membership information, business hours and consumer tips.
  • Maine State Florist and Growers Association - Non-profit trade group representing growers, wholesalers and retailers of floral and nursery products. Details schedule of events, design school and Professional Certified Florist (PCF) programs.
  • Master Florists Association - Northern California group comprised of retailers, wholesalers, growers and educators. Includes membership application, roster, news and events.
  • Michigan Floral Association (MFA) - A full-service trade association of Michigan representing florists, growers, suppliers, wholesalers, educators and students.
  • Nexflora - NeXflora is a Europe based online floral and gift industry service provider. Established in 2002, the company manages a network of professional retail florists & gift merchants located throughout Europe and partners with order relay trading companies around the world.
  • Ohio Florists' Association - Association of floral and ornamental plant industry professionals. Details OFA Short Course and other educational events, and includes job forum and publications information.
  • Society of American Florists (SAF) - National trade group for florists, wholesalers, growers, importers and shippers offering networking, marketing, public relations, education and issue advocacy. Lists events and includes password-protected members area.
  • Teleflora - Founded in 1934, the Teleflora network has approximately 25,000 member florists throughout the U.S. and Canada, and 20,000 affiliated florists outside North America.
  • Texas State Florists' Association - A unified organization of professionals, committed to energizing its Membership through educational opportunities, legislative involvement, marketing and professional services, thus developing an increased desire for floral products and services.
  • Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association (WF&FSA) - Trade association of wholesaler-distributors of both fresh cut products and floral supplies. Includes events, member listings, and membership information.
  • Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Floral Association - Trade group consisting of more than 350 retail florists, wholesalers, growers and industry supporters. Details educational opportunities, news, events and scholarships.
  • World Flower Council - International association of professional florists. Details conferences, student exchange program and includes membership application, newsletter.