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Blog has been a buzz word over the last couple of years. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of browsers who have been using blogs to enhance their knowledge on a particular subject and at the same time, to share it with co-browsers. Thus, Flower Blog is a blog on flowers and about flowers. Here are some questions commonly asked about blogs-

What are blogs, community blogs, bloggers and blogging?
A blog is a short way of saying Weblog. It is a Website or a webpage containing frequently updated content, written by one or more people, usually with a personal tone or quality. Most Blogs are written by one person, such as the owner of a web site. There are also community blogs, to which many people contribute Blog on Flowers is a community blog of flower enthusiasts. Bloggers are the authors of Blogs. Blogging is the act of running or contributing to a Blog.
Who can participate or blog on flowers at The Flower Expert?
Flower enthusiasts, flower lovers, flower researchers, floral experts, florists, flower domain experts,...anyone who has an unending thirst for flowers and flower related information can blog on flowers. The scope of blog posts being posted is just infinite, as long as the focus is on flowers.
How is this feature different from other features on The Flower Expert?
The blog on flowers serves as a unique platform for flower admirers to interact with Flower Experts in different areas of flowers and flower related topics, along with other flower enthusiasts. Indeed, there is a great scope for sharing of information about flowers among the community of flower lovers.
How can I participate?
You can just create a blog instantly on our Blog on Flowers and then post your comment. You can refer to our Step-by-Step Guide to Flower Blogging for a detailed note in this respect.
Should I give my name and E-mail address?
Your name appears on the blog along with your comment when it is posted. But your E-mail address would not be published on the blog, which is an optional entry. Your E-mail id helps us to identify you on your next visit. Your privacy is very important to us. If you don´t want to fill in your E-mail address, you can ignore the entry.
How do I submit a comment?
When you click the Post a Comment link, a form will appear. You can simply compose your comment directly in the text area provided in the form and submit it on the Comment button.
Who can read my comments?
Comments are submitted to The Flower Expert blog moderator for review. The blog moderator reserves the right to post your comment in its entirety, in an edited version or not at all. Any editing will be done primarily for purposes of clarity, length or deletion of offensive, inappropriate, or potentially defamatory material. If the moderator approves your comment, it will be posted to the Blog for viewing across the community of The Flower Expert.
What if I have a question that´s not included here?
Please send an E-mail to if you have any more questions, private messages, suggestions or if you need any assistance. We welcome your comments and feedback.