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Flower Combo Gifts That Your Wife Will Love On Your 10th Anniversary

Flower Combo Gifts That Your Wife Will Love On Your 10th Anniversary
Congratulations! You’ve been married to a great woman for 10 years! Setting up your first home, taking trips together, navigating the ups and downs of living together, maybe even having a baby, this decade is sure to have been filled with many memories. It deserves to be celebrated in a special way and what better way to start the celebrations than by gifting your wife a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a token of your love. On that note, did you know that daffodils are the official flower that celebrates a decade of marital bliss? But, if you can’t find daffodils, you can choose from many other flowers like roses, lilies, carnations, gerberas, etc. Here are some of the best flower combos you can surprise your wife with.

Flowers and Chocolates

An indulgence for the eyes and the stomach – a combination of flowers and chocolates is the most popular choice for anniversary gifts. Most women love both so this is an option you can’t go wrong with. You can make it even more special by choosing the right flowers and chocolates. In the past decade, you would have learnt which flavor of chocolates your wife likes best. If she likes milk chocolates, gift her a box of these but if she prefers dark chocolate, pair a bunch of her favourite flowers with dark chocolate truffles instead.

Flowers and Cake

When you send flowers for her, choose an indulgent combination of a delicious cake and flowers. It might not be her birthday but cake is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. There are a variety of cakes you can choose when you order flowers online. If your wife likes chocolate, there are many rich gooey chocolate cakes that could make her day but if she doesn’t you could pick other types of cake like a berry cheesecake, pineapple upside down cake, etc. Just make sure you order your flower and cake combo from a reputable online florist to ensure that they send a fresh cake and flowers.

Flowers and gourmet baskets

Is your wife a foodie? If yes, then this is the perfect anniversary flower combo for her. Gourmet baskets can be sweet or savory depending on what your wife prefers. If she has a sweet tooth, pick a basket that has cookies, tea cakes, chocolates and more. But if she prefers savoury food, pick a basket packed with biscuits, snacks, popcorn and other such delights. Depending on your budget, you could pick a small basket or a large one that will stretch the celebrations for weeks. You can even choose gourmet baskets of tea and coffee if your wife is a tea/coffee aficionado.

Flowers and Soft toys

We’ve all got a soft corner for cuddly teddy bears. That’s why flowers and soft toys are a great 10-year anniversary combo. Teddy bears are available in a range of sizes and colours. You can find small, delicate teddy bears to put in your car or large ones to dress the bed. Some teddy bears are kept unkempt and fluffy while others are dressed in cute outfits.

Starting the day by opening the door to a flower delivery sets the tone for a beautiful day ahead. So, no matter what else you have planned for your anniversary celebrations, don’t miss out on this step. You can order flower combos in advance or even on the night before your anniversary. Even if you’re travelling on your big day, you can order flowers for your wife so that a token of your love is with her.

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