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Best Flower Combos That You Can Send To New Parents

Best Flower Combos That You Can Send To New Parents

Being blessed with a new born brings excitement to the new parents which is not easy to replace. Every minute has something different for new parents to experience. You may want to go see their little bundle of joy and hold her in your arms but this may not always be the best idea. The first few weeks can also be very tiring for new parents. As they get used to the new schedule and the change in their lifestyle, they may not look forward to entertaining guests. So, it’s best to wait a while before dropping in. In the meantime, you can share your joy with them by sending them a bunch of flowers to brighten their home. Here are some of the best flower combos for new parents.

Flowers and Chocolates

Did you know that apart from being delicious, chocolate is a great energy booster and mood up-lifter? For a new mother, recovering from child birth isn’t just physical, it’s emotional too. Chocolates can be perfect for this time. Whether she likes white chocolates, milk chocolates or dark chocolate, combining a new mother’s favourite chocolates with flowers is a great way to show her that you care about her. To make your gift even more special, don’t just pick any flowers; pick flowers in her favourite colour!

Flowers and a Teddy

Now here’s a flower combo that has something for the new parents as well as the cute baby. When ordering online flowers, pick flowers that are bright, cheerful and will last a long time. This reduces the effort the new parents need to put into keeping the flowers alive and brightens the room for more than just a day or two. Lilies and orchids are most well-known for their longevity. While this cheers up the parents, combining it with a soft toy gives the baby something too. Choose between small and large teddy bears in different colours to find one that you think the little baby will like.

Flowers and Cake

The little baby’s 1st birthday may be a year away but how better to celebrate the birth of a child than with a cake. The little one may not be able to enjoy this but her parent’s sure can. A chocolate cake is something you can’t go wrong with. But, this isn’t your only choice. If you know that the parents like pineapple cakes, you can choose that instead. There are a number of flavors to choose from. Pair this delicious cake with a bunch of flowers like gerberas, roses or carnations. An easy way to select flowers with special meaning is to send the new parents flowers associated with their little baby’s birth month. For example, carnations are the perfect flowers for babies born in January.

Flowers and Gourmet Baskets

Caring for a new baby can be time consuming and many parents forget to care for themselves too. This is where your gift can make a difference. Combine a bunch of flowers with a delicious gourmet basket. This can be sweet or savory depending on the parent’s preference. Sweet baskets contain an assortment of goodies like cookies, chocolates, muffins, etc. while savory baskets are packed with biscuits, tea time cakes, popcorn, snacks and more.

With online flower delivery, there’s no end of the flower combos you can pick from. No matter what your budget is, there’s something for every parent here. So, explore the range and find the perfect combo to share your happiness with the new parents.

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