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Culture And Tradition About Flower-Gifting In Philippines

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Like all other parts of the world, Philippines too, enjoys the tradition of flower-gifting on special occasions. Fresh and pretty blooms express love, respect and good wishes like nothing else! The national flower, Philippine Jasmine, is especially loved and well-received for its beautiful petals and exotic fragrance.

It might be interesting to note that Philippines owes its floral history and culture significantly to the Spanish colonisation that had made its presence felt for over 300 years. In fact, Flowers of May or Flores de Mayo is a popular festival that has been celebrated here for over a thousand years, to pay homage to the Virgin Mary, and different kinds of flowers play a key role in the rituals.

During this time, floral scents fill the summer air, and everyone gathers at churches to pray, offer flowers to the Blessed Virgin and enjoy delicacies with neighbours and loved ones. Often, people in Philippines take back the leftover flowers to their near and dear ones at home. This is how “gifting” of flowers has come to play an important part in the lives of Filipinos today.   

Flowers and courtship in Philippines

Flowers play a crucial role if you are courting a Filipino lady and want to express your heartfelt emotions in style. In Philippines, women are usually expected to be reserved and demure towards a suitor as the culture focuses on modesty. Hence, to woo the lady in question and to show your interest in a socially acceptable and dignified manner, flowers can be your ally.

On a related note, flowers enjoy a lot of attention during weddings as well. Not only do they appear in the corsage of the bride, but a Filipino groom will always have a single flower in his suit’s buttonhole.  

Things to remember while gifting flowers in Philippines

As flowers have long been an integral part of social life and cultural celebrations in Philippines, if you are wondering what to gift your Filipino friends or family, here are some tips that will guide you right. Then, you can buy flowers online as per the occasion and the recipient’s taste and make a warm gesture easily.

Roses for instance, are a favourite here and the pink, red or yellow varieties are often gifted on any happy occasion. For romantic occasions though, red roses are preferred above all, just like in the rest of the world.

Orchids, available in bright shades of blue, purple, and red, are a wise floral gift too, as they bloom in abundance in the tropical climate of Philippines and stand for love, fertility and devotion. Jasmine, the national flower with its sweet scent, is of course another favourite and epitomises love and peace, while hydrangeas are chosen to show care and joy.

When to gift flowers in Philippines?

Before you buy flowers online for your Filipino friends or family members, make sure your choice complements the occasion well.

Romantic occasions

Red roses are of course well-received on anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. A small bunch of three roses also stands for “I Love You” in Philippines. Pink roses are also a wonderful choice, or you can go with a bunch of asters to suggest that you will patiently wait for your loved one’s favours. Gift a bouquet of lilies if you wish to convey devotion or go with carnations to promise pure and true love.

To honour parents –

Parents are an integral part of every child’s life in Philippines and are held in high regard. On Mother’s Day for example, a bunch of white and red lilies, pink roses, sunflowers or carnations can be chosen as a gift to brighten up your mum’s special day. Here’s an interesting fact about Mother’s Day in Philippines. It began in the 1920s and children used to don carnations or pink Cadena de Amors to show their love for their mothers. To convey respect and love to your dad on Father’s Day, choose a bunch of red and white roses, or add a box of gourmet chocolates to make a big gesture.

Special Holidays –

You can add a hint of holiday cheer to Christmas by gifting red, white and pink roses or a bouquet of lilies, chrysanthemums or gerbera daisies. They can liven up any home and spread joy. In Philippines, Easter calls for spring blooms like tulips, daffodils, azaleas and rhododendrons. These can add colour to the recipient’s home as well as life.

More tips

Remembered the birthday or anniversary of a loved one in Philippines at the last moment? You can now order same day flowers a from a reliable online store and go for red roses, lilies, gerberas or chrysanthemums. For weddings, stick to hibiscus or orchids. And for sad occasions like funerals, roses, carnations or lilies in white are the best way to express your condolences.

So, keep this guide handy while gifting flowers to someone in Philippines and win their hearts even when you are miles away!  

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