Unique Flower Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

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It is safe to say you can never go wrong when choosing flowers as a gift. They appeal to almost everyone, and rightfully so! A fresh flower bouquet with its scent can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Flowers make the best gifts because they are apt for literally every occasion: anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s day, you name it!

While flowers have an intrinsic charm, you may be a tad bit worried about them being an overdone gift. It really doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can let your creative juices flowing and come up with unique flower gift ideas to suit your recipient.

Here’s how you can spread your love with gorgeous flowers in 7 unique ways.

1. Heart Shaped Bouquet

If you want to celebrate an anniversary or your special someone’s birthday, declare your love for them, literally! Nothing spells out romantic than a stunning heart shaped rose bouquet. Red roses have been a symbol of love since eons and that’s just what you need to impress your lady love.

When you put a creative spin on this flower bouquet, you can never go wrong. You may even try this out with her or his favorite flower to make the gesture even more personal and memorable. The heart shaped bouquet will definitely win some hearts!

2. Letter Bouquet

If you think flowers are overdone, this is a creative flower gift idea that you can try out. Spell your recipient’s initials with their favorite flower and have it delivered to their doorstep for a truly wonderful surprise.

Letter bouquets and flower arrangements are also ideal for events like anniversary and birthday celebrations to put a creative spin on regular flower arrangements. You can choose different flowers and colors to make the gift even more special according to the likes of the receiver.

3. Rainbow Bouquet

Flower bouquets are often made up of one type of flower but you can try out something different to make your gift stand out. The rainbow bouquet is ideal for celebrations like thanksgiving, Christmas, and others.

Choose a variety of flowers, from lilies, orchards, to roses and watch it come together in a kaleidoscope of colors! A fresh smelling bouquet with vibrant hues will always bring a smile to your receiver’s face.

4. Teddy Bouquet

If you’re too shy to confess your love, this unique flower gift idea is the way forward. Instead of just roses, add an adorable stuffed teddy bear for her as a keepsake. This is also the ideal choice to make her or him feel special on Valentine’s Day.

Even if you are far away, spread your love with a well put together teddy bouquet delivered online at their doorstep, hassle free!

5. Flower and Chocolate Gift Basket

You can never go wrong with flowers and chocolates, so why not combine them to make a stellar surprise? Choose his favorite chocolates and flowers and add a card to the basket to make a personalized romantic gift for him.

You may even send this to long distance friends overseas to let them know you care even when far, far away!

6. Long Stem Flower Bouquet

If you want to celebrate an anniversary, this romantic gesture will win hearts. Get long stem roses for each day that you have known and loved them, with each flower celebrating every day that you both have spent together.

The long stem flower bouquet is ideal for couples looking you have recently started dating and looking for inventive ways to celebrate their love and companionship.

7. Golden Roses

Gold roses not only make a stunning sight but also say someone truly cares. This is the ideal token of love for parents and grandparents living far away to celebrate their anniversary or birthday.

With this sparkling bouquet, you can let them know old is truly gold!

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