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Flower Pairings That Work Well In A Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Flower Pairings that Work Well in a Valentine_s Day Bouquet

Whenever you think of Valentine’s Day, the day that all people in love celebrate with fervour, you automatically visualize a bunch of flowers. No matter what and how many gifts you get for your beloved, you will definitely order valentine’s flowers and most essentially, a bouquet. Now, interestingly, a Valentine’s Day bouqsuet doesn’t always have to comprise red roses only. Although you can always choose to buy red roses, there are quite a few other flowers pairing options too that are worth checking out. Let’s explore some of these.

Red Roses with Orchids

Since it is Valentine’s Day, we are definitely not asking you to ditch the red roses more so if your lady love adores red roses. However, you can pair these flowers of love with the equally enchanting orchids. Full bloomed orchids are somewhat rare but whenever they are given as gifts, they echo feelings of love, beauty, seduction and refinement. When you put red roses and orchids together in a bouquet, you tell the person that you admire her for her rare beauty and strength. Even a handful of both the types of flowers can make up for a lovely bouquet.

Tulips and Daisies

Tulips for Valentine’s Day are quite popular and they pair well with the gerbera daisies. Tulips are found in colours like red, pink and yellow and each of them is a declaration of hopeless love and care. When combined with the beautiful gerbera daisies, it leads to a charming bouquet that certainly impresses your loved one. The daisies represent innocence, cheerfulness and purity. The large size variations of the daisies come in a variety of bright and stunning colours like pink, sunny yellow and ruby red. These large flowers also add volume to your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Carnations and Lilies

Carnations are yet another elegant variety of flowers that are not commonly used in Valentine’s Day bouquet but when used, make up for a drool worthy flower arrangement. Carnations can beautifully communicate your fascination in the other person. Hence, if you are in the initial stages of a relationship, carnations can be the best flowers to give as gifts. The flowers also represent the light-hearted and playful emotions, associated with young and new love.

Carnations are best paired with lilies, which are symbolic of purity and elegance. Lilies are beautiful flowers echoing celebration and enthusiasm. The best thing about lilies is that they look even better when combined with other flowers. As such, they let out a feeling of fun and fresh love while adding a lot of colour and texture to any Valentine’s Day special flower arrangement. Both carnations and lilies are rather long-lasting flowers so the bouquet can be treasured by your love, long after the special day is gone.

Mixed Flower Arrangements

So many beautiful flowers and each with such deep meanings attached to them might make you feel confused about which one to choose and which to leave behind. Well, then the best way would be to go for a mixed flower arrangement that will comprise all these fresh blossoms and many more and present you with a gorgeous bouquet. Mixed flower arrangements are usually made with the best flowers out there. You can make one yourself or place an order with any reputed but cheap valentine delivery gifts providers.

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