• American Rhododendron Society (ARS) - A non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage interest in and to disseminate information about the genus Rhododendron. Members' experience ranges from novice to expert. Society activities include public education, flower shows, seed exchanges, scientific studies, and communication through publications and local and national meetings.
  • American Rose Society (ARS) - The society and its members strive to provide educational services to encourage the greater use of the national flower of Usa, the rose in private and public gardens throughout the country.
  • Azalea Society of America - The Azalea Society offers membership to any one with an interest in azaleas, from home gardeners, collectors and students to plant professionals. Local chapters have social activities, garden tours, meetings and plant sales of unusual varieties.
  • California Protea Association - A non-profit corporation that works to improve and develop cultivars and promotes the marketing of protea. Features activities, lists growers and wholesalers, and includes care tips and image galleries.
  • Flower Association of Queensland Inc. (FAQI) - Trade group of Queensland, Australia growers, wholesalers, and shippers. Details publications, research, education, and promotion activities and includes list of members.
  • Flower Council of Holland - Marketing and sales promotion organization for the Dutch floricultural sector and its products. Details current programs and trends reports for wholesaler, garden centers, florists and mass market retailers. [English, Dutch, German]
  • Flower Promotion Organization (FPO) - An alliance of United States and Colombian fresh cut flower growers, was created to expand consumer demand for fresh cut flowers, and ultimately expand the US market for the entire industry.
  • Hawaii Tropical Flower Council - Trade association founded to promote the sale and use of locally grown flowers and foliages. Lists members and includes discussion board and database searchable by variety.
  • International Protea Association (IPA) - Provides information and resources on aspects of the production of plants, plantation management, post-harvest care and registration of cultivar names. Includes membership, research scholarships, journal and biennial conference details.
  • National Chrysanthemum Society (NCS) - The mission of the National Chrysanthemum Society is to educate, improve, promote and encourage a greater use and display of the beautiful blooms of the many cultivars of the chrysanthemum as well as increase the bonds of fellowship among growers of the chrysanthemum.
  • Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) - RHS is a gardening charity, which works towards promoting gardening. It also conducts flower shows as well as lectures and demonstrations throughout the UK.
  • The Flowers and Plants Association - The UK's promotional organisation for all commercially grown cut flowers and indoor plants.