The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being.... They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature - in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine - EDWARD BACH

YES!! Flowers have the power of healing. This is what Flower Therapy is. It is also known as Flower Essence Therapy.

Broadly speaking, Flower therapy is of two types:
a) Bach Flower Therapy: Healing certain physical and mental ailments through oils extracted from some special flowers
b) Eiseman Flower Therapy: Enhancing our moods through colors and patterns of floral arrangements.

The therapeutic use of flower essence therapy in the treatment of depression and other psychological disorders is not new. Flower essence therapy was introduced by the English physician Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's. It is a form of Aromatherapy. Dr. Edward Bach, also called the father of Flower Medicines, was a London based bacteriologist and consulting homeopath.

Not satisfied with his homeopathic practice, he turned to flowers as a source of medicine. He discovered 38 flowers as corresponding to 38 human states.These flower medicines are prepared by placing flowers in a pot of water exposed to the noon sun for about three hours. The essence thus formed is combined with alcohol, for preservative purposes, and dispensed as liquid or in the form of pills.

Flower essence therapy is a form of vibrational healing, which treats with pure energy to generate changes in the energetic field of the patient. Healing with flower essences is an extension of the time-honored tradition of herbal medicine, successfully returning people and animals to balance and health. Flower essence therapy has proven particularly useful in assisting animals that have been abused, neglected or that have become stressed and anxious.

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While Bach's therapy is all about extracts from flowers, color experts like Eiseman opine that the very colors and the patterning of flowers influences the mental states.

According to Eiseman, flowers in conjunction with their design and color schemes create feelings that enhance our moods.

Additionally, scientific research shows that flowers and plants have a beneficial impact on state of mind and emotions. Rutgers University's behavioral studies have proven that flowers provide a simple way to improve emotional health.

Hence the local florist, who in a weirdly possible way can act as a therapist, could arrange the flowers with specific colors in specific arrangements so as to suit the needs of the customer.

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Flower Therapy holds the following benefits-

  • Gives clarity to life´s purpose and vocation.
  • Brings harmony to the body, heart and mind.
  • Eases emotional and psychological pain while fostering spiritual growth and understanding.
  • It is completely natural, non-allergenic and safe, while containing no drugs, chemicals or flower parts.
  • Aids all forms of energetic and physical work