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Flower Trends That Are Going To Big In 2019


There's something magical about flowers and it's no surprise that they are used as a decor element for every kind of occasion. Whether it's a birthday or a wedding, a family dinner or a festive event, flowers add an extra touch of glamour with their natural beauty and fragrance. While flowers remain a constant, the trends keep on changing. From the choice of blooms to the colour schemes, choice of containers and vases to the patterns and structures, floral arrangements see changes every year.

The flower market has grown by leaps and bounds and this has made it easier to buy flowers online and, in all varieties. This has predominantly increased the scope of floral arrangements, which is a significant reason that in the past couple of years, there has been a shift from the traditional ways of arranging flowers to a lot more experimentation with colours and style. The year 2019 is likely to witness some other changes, a few of which are listed here:

A Generous Use of Vibrant Colours

Vivid brights will be the flavour of the ensuing year. The idea is to create a bold statement with flowers, whether used for home interiors or for outdoor arrangement. Red, purple, orange, blue and violet will be used vivaciously to create a rainbow of energetic and exciting colours. This however, will have to be done with care or the arrangement may look overdone and lose its essence.

A Balance of Blooms and Greens

In the new year, flower decorations will be about striking a harmony between the flowers and the greens. A bouquet of seasonal blooms will be complemented with ferns and leaves. Experts say that this kind of styling will give a more natural look to the entire décor. Even for weddings and other events, when towering floral walls are created as the ideal backdrop, green additions will be used to enhance the look.

Hanging Floral Structures

The new year will bring in nature to your indoors with beautifully designed hanging floral structures. As stunning and impressive as they are, they need to be put up with utmost care. Timber and metal structures are used to install such arrangements. Another important consideration is that they should suit the venue and the occasion. These flower decorations are preferred for wedding and receptions as they are likely to leave the guests enamoured by the floral beauties floating from above.

A Variety of Blooms

Instead of sticking to the more regularly used flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, daisies and peonies, year 2019 will experiment with the variety in flowers. From long stemmed flowers like gladioli and delphinium to filler flowers like babies’ breath, lavenders and statice, every variety will find a place in floral arrangements. Fragrant blooms will however, always be the preference.

With an assortment of blooms, one can give a perfect look and feel to both home interiors and outdoors. The year 2019 has some grand flower plans and while the flowers will continue to bring life, colour and style to every special occasion, floral arrangements are likely to witness newer, fresher and stimulating ideas. You can now buy flowers online to get started with such ideas.

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