Perhaps, the most popular gift all over the world is the gift of Flowers. Whether it is a carefully chosen bouquet of flowers or just a stem, it is sure to convey a warm feeling to the recipient. Its not only because Flowers are exquisitely beautiful and their fragrance is exhilarating, its also because they carry the freshness of nature and the world outside with them. The main reason for the popularity of flowers as gifts though is their ability to bring good cheer and convey the right message with their Language and Meanings. Flowers appeal to all our senses and brighten up our lives and our hearts.

Flowers not only express the exact sentiment, but also gifting a different type or color of flower would convey a different emotion, which one might find difficult to convey in words. You only have to let your imagination run wild to make your bouquet as expressive as your emotions.

Orchids, Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Carnations, Irises, Tuberoses, Gardenias... The options are endless when it comes to gifting flowers. However there is an etiquette associated with gifting Flowers on different occasions.

For all that Mom does throughout the year for you she deserves to be pampered on Mother´s Day. The key to a great Mother´s day Flower Gift is to incorporate flowers into a theme.

These are romantic flowers because you took the time to pay attention, thus transforming a Flower into a symbol of love and passion. The most Romantic Flower Gift will always be the one that carries a special significance, either on an anniversary or on valentine´s day or even if you just want to say thank you or sorry.

Flowers are an integral part of every wedding. Though, traditionally limited only to flower arrangements, gifting beautiful flowers alongside a carefully chosen present will enhance the beauty of the chosen gift. Read more on Wedding Flowers.

Flowers express empathy and condolence better than words. Sending appropriate Funeral Flowers is a show of etiquette and will mean a lot to the bereaved family.

Flowers make wonderful gifts provided they are given with thought, thought to the meaning and the color, to the personality and tastes of the person receiving them, to the occasion and the presentation of the Flower Gift.

Flowers symbolize different things in different cultures. The cultural meaning of colors strongly affects the choice and use of flowers. People often prefer flowers that are associated with their ethnic group or country, and various colors may have special meanings of luck or affection or other basic human traits. Learn more on Flower gifting in different cultures, what flowers to gift and when.