The best Flowers for Mother’s Day

A Mother's Day gift for all the Mothers out there is very important as Mother’s Day talks about all the Mothers who play a maternal role in your life and take care of each and everything.Thus flowers for Mother’s Day is an amazing feeling as flowers bring out the best in every person and selecting flowers based on personality type of your mom is a very unique Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day gift and flowers for Mother’s Day

  • Roses or other colorful bouquets of mixed flowers from the local florist are probably at the head of the list. If your mom would rather like and have a foliage plant than these cut flowers there are numerous choices available for you.
  • Spathiphyllum, or peace lily, has a fragrant blossom, likes a shady or limited light location, and is one of the easiest foliage plants to grow.
  • Ficus is another good choice if a small potted variety is selected. There are more than 800 ficus varieties that are available out there, so unless you want one a small tree like the weeping fig, you can choose one to sit on the coffee table. Ficus elastica, is one of the old fashioned varieties and is commonly called a rubber plant.
  • Dracaena is another houseplant that can endure indoor light conditions and shade, but warmth and abundant light are the keys to good growth. Feed lightly throughout the growing season.

Other Best ideas for Mother’s Day gifts

A novel suggestion to keep Mother's Day gifts a wonderful celebration by repeating every month would be to give a gift certificate for each month of the whole year. Your mom could then select a plant or a bouquet of cut flowers like based on personality type appropriate to each month

As the seasons change her floral decorations would change. You might also be able to slip in a birthday flower with this system. But do check with your local florist firstly to give flowers for Mother’s Day.

If mom is among the younger generation, she may want a plant or tree or shrub to set out in the yard. Twenty-five years from now she can point to it and say, "The kids gave that to me 25 years ago. Hasn't it done well in that length of time" . It will be a sweet memory to cling on to and look back in time.

In a very practical vein, would she appreciate a flat of bedding plants? Flowers for Mother’s Day like Impatiens, marigolds, zinnias, and fibrous begonias are a favorite among nature lovers and those who would wish to see their plants growing and blooming.

From: Flower Guide