Mother's Day Flowers For Every Personality Type


No matter what you decide to gift your mother this Mother’s Day, it will remain incomplete without a bunch of beautiful flowers that complement and compliment her personality. Flowers are not only the best and safest options, but they are also quite easily available via various online flowers delivery stores.

Now, sending/buying some Mother’s Day flowers is basically just a click away. The only issue that one might face is choosing the right flowers for their mother because everyone is drawn to a specific kind and colour which speaks volume about their personality.

Before you rush into buying a bunch of happiness for your beloved mother, let us swoop in and help you decide the perfect kind and colour, based on her personality.

Dominant Personality Traits - Classic and Sophisticated

Flowers of choice - Red Roses

If your mother is an epitome of class and sophistication, if her happiness lies in the simple yet important details, if she appreciates small joys and finer things in life, nothing would win her heart like a bouquet of red roses.

Dominant Personality Traits - Happy-go-lucky and Thoughtful

Flowers of choice - Red or Yellow Tulips

Red and yellow Tulip are for the cheery kind but they value their loved ones above all things else. If your mother has a soft and forgiving heart with caring personalities, if she is often seen fixating on everyone’s comfort and preferences, a bouquet of tulips would make her day.

Dominant Personality Traits - Down to earth and Simplicity

Flowers of choice - Carnations

Carnations are ultra-feminine! They are calm and poised. If politeness, passion and calm nature define your mother, carnations will leave a smile on her face and how. Just like her fondness for all things simple and mellow, carnations in their pastels shades will tend to brighten up the mood with their soothing colours and peaceful vibes.

Dominant Personality Traits - Fun, Fickle and Quirky

Flowers of choice - Poppies

If your mum has an attitude of gaining new experiences in life, if #YouOnlyLiveOnce is her mantra, if she has a hidden adventurous side to her and if she yearns for newness and excitement on a regular basis, poppies would be a perfect fit for her. Poppies are not just perfect flowers for fun types, they also tend to complement their enthusiasm.  

Dominant Personality Traits - Sensitive and Creative

Flowers of choice - Daffodils

Have a mum with a heart of gold and a creative mind? Daffodils are for her! If your mother has a sensitive soul, if it pains her to see others in pain, if art and creativity is an outlet for her, a medium of expression for her, she would definitely enjoy some daffodils around her to lift up her mood.

Dominant Personality Traits - Generous and Compassionate

Flowers of choice - Lilies

If your mother’s heart is full of empathy and compassion, if you often find her working with the underprivileged, or trying to work towards making this world a better and happier place for everyone, lilies will suit her kind and giving nature.

Hope this guide helps you pick the right flowers on this Mother’s Day. It will not only make her day and win you brownie points, it will also show her how much you listen and care about her favourites and preferences. After all, who doesn’t like a thoughtful gift?

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