Prominence of Flowers in Indian Culture


Flowers are the sweetest things god ever made. These have utmost importance in every auspicious occasion. In India, Flowers are used for almost every occasion like Prayers, Welcome Parties, Weddings, as Gifts, and even for medical purpose. Flowers are found in areas of Kashmir to Kanyakumari.Indian Culture is closely associated with flowers. Indian culture seems like a bunch of beautifully mixed flower banquets. It starts from sunrise by offering flowers to god, to sunset and from birth to death. Flowers are a symbol of strength, whenever we see them, we get peaceful and positive vibes.

For Prayers :

There are many flowers which are offered to gods and goddess, but there are few flowers specially offered to particular god. Lotus is said to be sacred of all the flowers as Lord Vishnu is born from it. There’s a belief that by praying gods with their favourite flowers ours wishes and desires get fulfilled. Some of the widely used flowers for puja are Hibiscus, Jasmine, Parijata, Lotus, Plumeria etc…

For Weddings: :

Without Decorations how can the occasion be special. With flowers the face become more cheerful and the place looks outstanding. Wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life. People choose colourful garlands which are made of different types of flowers like Rose, Jasmine, Lily and Marigold. You can also arrange beautiful wedding bouquets .

As a standout amongst the blooms, Roses are known for its affection. Be it Red, pink or white each shade has a meaning and importance.

As Gifts :

Flowers are the instant gift option you can give someone for any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, to Congratulate, Sympathy etc…Whatever the occasion might be flowers represent our human emotions. You can send a bouquet of roses on birthdays; Orchids pass on a feeling of profound love between the couples so these could be a right choice for the wedding or anniversary. You can choose a mixed assortment of flowers to congratulate the person as it has flowers of colours and shapes. When a guest is coming to home, we offer flowers to show that they are important.

For Medical Purpose :

Ayurveda uses different kinds of flowers for treatment of all diseases. Flowers have the natural remedies having no side effects. They can be used fresh, crushed or dried based on the requirement.

Chrysanthemum :

These are used to make tea which can reduce the fever, cold and headaches. It can also be used to calm down tired eyes.

Rose :

Roses have the vitamin C and few people consume it raw. It helps in releasing Dopamine which is affect Sleep, Memory, Learning and Concentration. Rose water is widely used for skin care.

Hibiscus :

Both Flowers and Leaves are used in Ayurveda for lowering blood pressure. It is mainly used for hair and skin purposes.

Parijat :

Parijat flower or night flowering jasmine is used in Indian traditional medicinal system. It cures Joint pains and treat Arthritis.

So, these are the all the uses of flowers. In this way, blooms have the key place in Indian Ethos. You can order them online for any purpose now since you know all the uses of flowers now.

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