Quick Guide To Cake Decoration With Edible Flowers

Cake with Flowers

Imagine a slice of cake in your mouth that melts like butter with an added flavour and the goodness of edible flowers! Exquisite, isn’t it? Decorating a cake with edible flowers will not only add richness to the cake, but the process of decoration is almost therapeutic. But if you are trying your hands at it for the first time, we are listing a few tips and tricks below to make your first attempt great, read on for the details-

When in doubt, leave it out!

This is a rule of thumb when it comes to cake decoration with edible flowers. If you are not a 100% sure about a flower and that if it can or should be consumed, it’d be best to just leave it out. You can refer to a list or a guide of edible flowers, or just visit an online flower delivery service as they have a separate catalogue or listing for edible flowers.

Which part goes in?

Ones you have a list of all the flowers that you are planning to use for your cake decoration, the next step is to know which part of the flowers goes on the cake and which doesn’t. As a lot of people have a pollen allergy, it is highly recommended to remove the pistil and stamen. The next thing on your list of concerns should be the stem. While decorating, you’d want to get rid of the stem, which will leak sap which could be poisonous. To avoid this, you can just wrap the stem with floral tape.

Wash out the toxins

Even if you order flowers from an organic store, it is always advised to wash the flowers thoroughly before using, as there is always a chance of tiny insects, pesticides and pollens hiding behind a petal.

Go in when the time is right

Always make sure to add flowers at the very last minute as flowers have a very short shelf life. If added before time, the flowers would start dehydrating and make your cake look dull and stale. So, store the flowers in the fridge or a cold and moist area to keep them fresh.

Go bold with your creation

If your base is white or of a pastel colour, go ahead with vibrant colours and big flowers for decoration. You can also try tone on tone shade (using the same or similar colour as the base), especially for a formal event or a wedding. Another thing to try would be cake corsage, wherein you keep the base plain and simple and add a beautiful corsage of big flowers on the side.

These are a few basic things to keep in mind while starting cake decoration with edible flowers. It will not only add life to your cake but you can also use this method to hide any flaws or inconsistencies.

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