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Flowers You Can Gift On Your Mother's 50th Birthday

Flowers You Can Gift On Your Mother's 50th Birthday

For every child their mother is the most important person in the world. Your mother has dedicated her life to bringing you up, loving you, nurturing you and caring for you unconditionally. She deserves a little love in return doesn’t she? And her 50th birthday is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Unfortunately, buying a gift for your mom can be a little more difficult than you imagined. After all, by this age, she has everything she needs and wants. She doesn’t really need a new top or a new bag. Her home has enough curios and knick-knacks. So what can you get her? A bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift for this occasion. Roses and carnations are common choices for birthday bouquets. But, you may find them a little clichéd. Here are a few more types of the flowers you can gift your mom on her 50th birthday.


Gerberas are best known for their vibrant hues. These flowers have a long lifespan and can add colour to your home for days! Pick from shades of yellow and orange, pink or red. Avoid white unless it’s your mother’s favourite colour. Gerberas are classic symbols of cheerfulness, innocence, purity and beauty. These flowers are available throughout the year.


Nothing speaks of spring like a bouquet of bright yellow daffodils. So, if your mom celebrates her birthday in the spring, these are the flowers for her. Daffodils symbolize inspiration, rebirth, vitality and renewal. Daffodils look great on their own or mixed with other flowers to form a colorful bouquet.


Lilies are beautiful and fragrant. They can be ordered in a variety of colours ranging from pristine white to yellow, and shades of pink. The best part of ordering lilies for a birthday flower delivery is that these flowers come with buds. Over time, as the open flowers wilt, the buds will open up and infuse the room with their fragrance.

Putting together the perfect bouquet

Every flower is beautiful but some flowers have additional special meaning. If your mom has favourite flowers, this would be the flower to gift her. For example, if she loves roses, she may not be very excited about a bouquet of carnations. Similarly, your mom may have a special connection with certain flowers. For example, she may love lilies because they were the first flowers your father gifted her. This would make lilies the perfect choice for her birthday bouquet.

When you buy birthday flowers online, you will have a plethora of options to choose from. This is not limited to a choice of flowers. You can find bouquets of a single flower type or mixed arrangements. While some bouquets are arranged in paper and cellophane, others may be arranged in baskets. You can even get flower arrangements in vases. Flower arrangements are available in a range of prices so that no matter what your budget is, there’s a bouquet of flowers that’s perfect for you.

Flowers are a gift you can’t go wrong with. Unlike books and curios, your mom will always look forward to receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers. And unlike the cake your mom cuts at midnight, the fragrance of these flowers will fill her home for days. Online flower delivery lets you order flowers at short notice. You can even order flowers for the same day delivery. That’s not all, you can customize a greeting card to accompany your flowers.

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