Choosing The Best Flowers By Occasions

Flowers For Any Occasion

Often, choosing the perfect gift for a happy occasion like birthday or anniversary can become challenging as you might not know what exactly the recipient needs or wants. In such situations, a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers can do the trick! Flowers convey love, admiration, good wishes and cheer in a way that is timeless. Even sad occasions like funerals call for flowers that can shower peace, express condolence and lend hope.  And if you are wondering how to choose the right flowers depending on the event or occasion, here is a handy guide to help you out. You can now go online to pick up from a wide array of romantic flowers, birthday flowers, sympathy flowers and more.

For Anniversaries-

Red roses never go out of style when it comes to anniversaries, or you can choose the bloom depending on the number of years a couple has spent together. For example, carnations are perfect for the first anniversary as they symbolise happiness, hope and love. Daisies can be the ideal anniversary flowers for a couple who is celebrating 5 years of togetherness. For the tenth anniversary, daffodils are a great choice, while twenty five years of married life call for irises. Yellow roses and violets are apt for 50 years of togetherness! Tulips, dahlias, lilacs and sunflowers are some other popular choices.

For Other Romantic Occasions-

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day or maybe the day you met for the first time? Once again, red or pink roses can express your love and passion in the best way possible. You can also choose a bouquet of red and pink roses. A mixed arrangement of pink Asiatic lilies, red roses and yellow carnations can also be a wonderful gift. Or, you can choose a combination of red roses, purple orchids and pink lilies.

For Birthdays-

When it comes to birthday flowers, lilies are very popular as they stand for positivity and happiness. Orchids also look stunning and can be an exotic gesture for your girlfriend or wife. Yellow and pink roses or even lavender ones are great choices for birthdays as they represent love, warmth and admiration. A bunch of multicoloured gerbera daisies can liven up any birthday party too, as they are cheerful, simple and pretty. Sunflowers are also a lovely choice as birthday flowers as they are full of warmth, joy and life.

For Promotions/Housewarmings-

Happy occasions like promotions or housewarming parties also call for flowers as gifts. So, you can go for a big bouquet of yellow roses as they lift the spirit instantly, or you can choose orange roses for energy and passion. Irises are also a great gift as they epitomise courage, hope and admiration. You can also consider gifting a bouquet of pink and yellow tulips to symbolise happiness and confidence. Gladioli in different shades like yellow, purple, green , pink and orange can also make for a stunning floral gift.You can actually make your own DIY Flower Bouquet for Gifting on Housewarming parties.

For Funerals-

The passing away of a loved one is never easy, and if you want to console a friend or relative during such a trying time, send flowers online. An elegant bouquet of pure white roses, white Asiatic lilies or white carnations can be ideal. White chrysanthemums or orchids also make for a thoughtful gift. Note that red roses are also gifted at times to show respect and love to the deceased. And pink ones denote appreciation and grace.

Hence, as you can see, choosing the right flowers for every occasion is simple if you have this guide to show you the way. Apart from the tips mentioned above, do keep the recipient’s preferences and allergies (if any) in mind, while sending flowers.

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