Life is like a garden
And friendship like a flower
That blooms and grows in beauty
With the sunshine and the shower

The best expression of your appreciation for the friends in your life are Flowers. Honor friendship with a Friendship Day Flower Arrangement. This friendship day, like millions of friends around the globe, Send a Friendship Day Flower Arrangement Online as a symbol of the joy that your friends bring to you.

The perfect choice for your friend on the Friendship Day is a flower arrangement that convey your feelings with their meanings. Each flower has its own significant meaning. Bringing together the right flowers in a Friendship Day Flower Arrangement to convey your message is very important.

The Friendship Day Flower Arrangement will say all that you have probably never expressed. Friendship flowers are one of the best ways to celebrate Friendship. Filling the world with different types of blooms, friendship flowers bring out the different shades of friendship. Flowers will never fail to bring a smile to your friend's face.

Here are the different types of Friendship Flowers that you can send in an arrangement to your dear friends to celebrate your friendship. With Friendship Day just around the corner, on August 6th, 2006, friendship flowers are always a welcome for all:

  • African Violets Basket: Send a basket of exquisite African violets this Friendship Day to bring a delightful smile to the recipient. A beautifully arranged basket of African violet flowers will be a charming reminder of your affection and admiration for your dear friend.
  • French Gardens: How about sending an entire garden to your friend? It is possible and beautiful too. Send an indoor garden bringing in varied colors of life. An arrangement of a range of assorted greens, and blooming plants in a basket for your friend will be a wonderful Friendship Day gift.
  • Hues of Autumn and Spring: Give your friend a Friendship Day Flower Arrangement with hint of autumn and some hues of spring. This arrangement with beautiful blooms - peach roses, daisies, white lilies and a light sprinkle of yellow roses, will make a colorful gift for your best friend.
  • Long Lasting Tropical Flowers: Sending your friend a tropical flower arrangement with exotic flowers. Sending tropical flower arrangement as a gift will add a special touch to your friendship. This is because tropical flowers are not common, and can seldom be found in florist shops. Tropical flowers last longer.
  • Wild Flowers For an Unconventional Friend: Send a Friendship Day Flower Arrangement with Wild Flowers for your colorful lively, unconventional friends who love the wild and untamed things in life. A colorfully arranged riot of Wild Flowers will add a special charm to your bond with your friend.

The Flower Expert makes an effort to compile a list of the popular online florists who specialise in flower delivery across the world. Select the country you want the Friendship Day Flower Arrangement to be delivered: