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Funeral Flowers Etiquette

Sympathy sheafFunerals are emotional events that call for a lot of sensitivity. And flowers given by you add an element of warmth to the occasion so here are some suggestions to assist you in sending sympathy flowers.

Suggestions to assist you

  • Deliver flowers to the residence of the bereaved family members. It is considered good etiquette.
  • Timing. If flowers are sent to the funeral home, church or mortuary this ideally should be done prior to the first visitation hours.
  • Attach a personalized message card to your flowers. Family members are likely to be in a daze at the time of a wake. They would, however, like to know who sent flowers so that they can later acknowledge the kindness and sentiment.
  • Local traditions should be considered when sending sympathy flowers. The color of the chosen sympathy flower arrangement is important, especially in Asian communities, with white being the safest color to send.

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