Funeral Flowers Etiquette

Sympathy flowers

Funerals are emotional events that call for a lot of sensitivity. And flowers given by you add an element of warmth to the occasion so here are some suggestions to assist you in sending sympathy flowers.

Suggestions to assist you

  • Deliver flowers to the residence of the bereaved family members. It is considered good etiquette.

  • Timing. If flowers are sent to the funeral home, church or mortuary this ideally should be done prior to the first visitation hours.

  • Attach a personalized message card to your flowers. Order flowers from which automatically attaches your note. Family members are likely to be in a daze at the time of a wake. They would, however, like to know who sent flowers so that they can later acknowledge the kindness and sentiment.

  • Local traditions should be considered when sending sympathy flowers. The color of the chosen sympathy flower arrangement is important, especially in Asian communities, with white being the safest color to send.

  • Even though wearing black is not compulsory but try something which is conventional. Don’t choose colors which are bright or had patterns. This may send wrong message to the family.

  • Other than any gifts try to choose Flower Arrangements as they send the family support what you cannot say in words.

  • If you know the family well, then take homemade food for them. So that they can at least have some food since they wouldn’t have had it.

  • There are some specific flowers related to funeral like Hyacinth, Carnations , Lavender, Lilies and Tulips.

  • Sympathy Gifts doesn’t necessarily have to be sent in the day and week following, the anniversaries are also as difficult for grieving friends and families. So, send flowers online for them on their sorrowful days.

  • According to a survey flowers and gifts have an immediate effect on our mood.

  • There are many customs while sending flowers to families like Buddhist funerals accept white or Yellow flowers but not red.

  • At Islamic Funerals some send flowers, and some don’t. but in common they put single individual flowers along with palm branches.

  • Jews send more of fruit baskets and food baskets to the home of the bereaved.

  • Flowers have a spiritual significance as they symbolize the lifecycle from birth to death.

  • In Russia, when you send flowers you must send even number of flowers. While they are alive you must send odd number of flowers.

  • Near Family Members send Casket sprays, so only if you consider if you are close enough you can send them these.

  • Please don’t forget to send a message along with the flowers as that could be soothing their pain.

  • Hindu Funerals are mostly held within 24 hours of death and are conducted by priests. People don’t prefer to take or send flowers to the family.

  • Wreaths are generally taken to the burial places or placed on the doors of the funeral houses.

So, be careful while following traditions and customs while sending flowers to the family of the bereaved as it could mean different meanings in different cultures and religions.

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