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How to take Good Care of Gerberas and Daisies?

Tips for Gerberas Flower Care

Gerberas are available in various sizes and bright colors like Red, Yellow, Pink, White. There’s a rainbow of colors to enjoy when it comes to gerberas. There’s nothing as cheerful as a bouquet of gerberas growing in your home. These flowers grow up to a height of 8-24 inches and 2-5 inches across. These can be grown both Indoors and Outdoors based on the requirement. These are commonly used as cut flowers. These Plants have about 30 varieties.

Gerberas Color Representation:

  • Red Gerberas are romantic flowers to say I Love You for someone special.
  • Purple Colored Gerberas are Symbol for Royalty and are a perfect gift to show affection towards someone you look up to.
  • Pink Colored Flowers are common gifts for Celebration, to Congratulate and to send message of exultation.
  • White as always send messages of inspiration, purity and Sincerity. It also can be sent to wish a good health.

Tips to Grow Gerberas Indoors:

It is cheaper but takes longer time period to start with a seed. Where as you have an alternate of planting the grown plant which can be enjoyed immediately but may cost more. Growing Gerberas Indoors can be tricky, but if you can provide right conditions it can survive well.

  • Water the Plant deeply when the soil is dry.
  • Be careful about watering as the roots are likely to rot.
  • Keep the Leaves as dry as possible and use fertilizer regularly.
  • If the Plant looks crowded separate it into another pot.
  • Remove the blooms as soon as they wilt so that more blooms will get.
  • Climate – It grows in Tropical Climate with day temperature of 25 Degrees and night temperature of 16 Degrees.

Tips to Grow Gerberas Outdoors:

Gerberas are good to grow outdoors as well as home. They can be easily cut and made into a bouquet.

  • Deeply water your plants once in a week.
  • Keep in an area with direct sunlight so that it grows well.
  • Use micronutrient -rich plant fertilizer.
  • If your plant is turning grey, it is indicating a fungus has attacked it. You must use a fungicide and remove that area quickly.

Helpful Tips:

  • Take gerberas which have smaller stems than taller ones because the stems are stronger and require much care.
  • Too much sun light can cause wilting of the plant. So, try to put the plant just near the window so that it gets partial sunlight.
  • If the Gerberas are outside, keep the minimum distance between the plants so that they won’t rot and get diseased.
  • Water the Plant in the morning so that it can dry out in the afternoon.

Since you knew many tips about how to grow the gerberas plants, you must try it at home and enjoy the beautiful scene it creates wherever it has been planted. Hope this guide will help you. Happy Gardening. You can also order these flowers online from Pickupflowers flower shop.

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