New Year Garden Resolutions
New Year Garden Resolutions

This new gardening year with the best new year resolution to amp up your garden includes re-checking your garden and cleaning out effectively. There are top 10 New year’s resolutions that you can adhere to in your garden. It will start the new gardening year effectively.

New Gardening Year

The best new year resolutions are the top 10 New year’s resolutions just for you to spend the new year in the best way possible. Kathy Jentz, the famous editor of Washington Gardener magazine asks us to make our new gardening year with the best New year resolutions for the new year right from the start.

She suggests 10 New year resolutions we can make to give a boost to our gardening skills and let us have a new gardening year paved in a unique creative way. It will also increase our enjoyment of the wonderful hobby of gardening and growing flowers.This will be one of the best new year resolution for you and will be remembered as well.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Take a new gardening year class either for your protege or you yourself join a new one.
  2. Join a local garden club or plant society with your friends and family.
  3. Visit your local library and bookstore for beautiful gardening books filled with photographs and diagrams that will amp up your gardening knowledge.
  4. Try to get as much information you can from Journals about seed packs and other clipped articles from garden magazines that just helped you and kept growing larger all last spring through fall.
  5. Take as many photos as you can of your garden.
  6. Planning is essential and is a skill among the top 10 New year’s resolutions. Get out a pencil and paper and start sketching ideas for a new front border, additional flower beds, new succulent terrariums or a water feature. It will surely bring a new feeling of love and affection towards your garden.
  7. Get organized because it is important. Just as your basement, closets and attic could use a spring cleaning, your garden shed could use the same amount of time and energy.
  8. Share with your friends and family or acquaintances. Make it a point to introduce at least one other person to gardening this new gardening year and make it a priority in the top 10 New year’s resolutions.
  9. Bring the garden indoors and the comforts of the indoors out.
  10. Expand your garden interests. Go outside your comfort zone and widen your garden universe this year. If you always plant edibles, add some flowers. If you only do flowers, add in some edibles. If you plant both of them then try experimenting with cactuses or other succulents and train yourself to work with them.

Last but not the least this new gardening year try to be as resilient as possible by broadening your horizon and try to sell your plants or swap them with your friends which will help you build strong friendships and break down any barriers that are stopping you. This is the best new year resolution for a flourishing new year afterall.

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