Flowers You Need For That Spooky Halloween Décor


Halloween, also known as All Saints’ Eve is a fun, spooky festival that makes the month of October truly special. And it is not just an exciting day for kids, who run around the neighbourhood, dressed like goblins, witches and mummies, but also adults! While children love spending the Halloween evening collecting candies, grownups love entertaining friends at home, with some scary bits thrown in for a laugh. So, naturally, a lot of people look for ideas to decorate their homes as per the Halloween theme, on this day. In this regard, spooky flower arrangements can be a very cool idea to get started. Yes, flowers are not just for birthdays and anniversaries; they can make a statement on Halloween too. So, check out these ideas now:

Have fun with pumpkins and flowers

What is Halloween without a big orange pumpkin? So, for a unique floral arrangement, take a big pumpkin, scoop out the insides and paint the outside with black paint and draw stars and swirls. Or you can paint a mean, scary face on it too. Then fill it with water and put in a bunch of orange daisies or lilies for a very unusual look. You can use blood red chrysanthemums or orchids instead too.

Experiment with gourds

Choose a couple of gourds that can stand upright on their bases, and scoop their insides out just like a pumpkin. Then fill with water and insert some rich jewel-toned flowers like red and purple dahlias or red chrysanthemums. Add a few leaves or red berries to make the look more exotic.

Play around with roses

Bring home some black roses by using the best flower delivery services and you are all set for a smashing Halloween. Put a large bunch of black roses in a big black vase and you are ready to scare guests in a subtle way. Inserting a bunch of dark red roses in a glass vase, but upside down, so that the flowers are inside the vase, can be a great idea too. Or get hold of a skull-shaped white vase and flaunt red and pink roses in it. You can also buy some white roses and sprinkle some red paint on them for a gory bloody effect.

Pair with bats and spiders

If you wish to take the fear factor a notch above, use faux spiders and bats on flower arrangements. For example, use a black vase to arrange bright orange Asiatic lilies, daisies and roses, and then top it with a large black spider! Or use sticks to pop up some bats in the vase. Adding black feathers to a floral arrangement can also create that spooky Halloween-like feel. Another great idea is to pair a large bunch of white daisies or roses with faux snakes, spiders and cobwebs!

Now you see that inspiration for Halloween décor, especially with flowers, can be found easily. All you need is a bit of creativity and the love of scaring people. So, don’t just order flowers for your home décor, but also send Halloween flowers to someone dear, so that they know you are thinking of them on the most exciting of events.

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