Helen gibb, a ribbon work designer, is a certified professional demonstrator in the craft industry. She was born and raised in Australia. She now lives in the United States, and have been designing for over 14 years. Her designs include ribbon art, decorative painting, fabric painting, rubber stamping, silk florals, and children's kits.

Helen gibb is passionate about ribbon flowers which is quite evident from her floral creations found in the pages of many books written by her.

Flowers and all other things related to them are prevalent in her designs. She has been called by the loving flower community as the ?flower lady?.

Helen gibb's skills are often tapped by manufacturers to test, develop, and demonstrate new products. There is a important aspect to ribbonwork, which is designing ribbon flowers and creating beautiful heirloom pieces.

  • Helen gibb has taught a variety of classes, both nationally and internationally.
  • Helen gibb has written painting instruction books, and authored many projects featured in magazines such as Crafts, Better Homes and Gardens and Arts and Crafts.
  • Helen gibb also makes regular appearances on the popular television programs Sew Perfect and The Carol Duvall Show.
  • The Secrets of Fashioning Ribbon Flowers:This book details the making of 15 different ribbon flowers including gardenias, hollyhocks, sweetpeas, canterbury bells, violets, peonys, and also making of 5 wonderful rose.
  • Heirloom Ribbonwork: This Helen's book has the theme relating to the fabulous vintage ribbon work done in the 1920's. It has 4 half doll projects in it and lots of ribbon flower projects. There are scattered photographs of vintage ribbonwork pieces, and other visual delights.
  • Ribbonwork- The Complete Guide:This book has color photographs of vintage ribbonwork, new ribbon projects and step by step techniques. There is an inclusion of a handy Ribbon Length Guide.
  • Elegant Ribbonwork by Helen Gibb: This is the recently published fabulous book containing two new rose techniques. In this book there is a lot to learn designs for our hats, gloves, jacket, purse, scarf, brooch, bracelet, and much more. There is also some information for Weddings.

DVD - Beginner's Guide to Ribbonwork with Helen Gibb - This is a very good practical knowledge, where one can have permanent access to all Helen's ribbon ideas and techniques in one DVD.