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Great Tips To Decorate Your Home With Carnations

Great Tips To Decorate Your Home With Carnations

There is nothing like fresh flowers when it comes to infusing fun and vitality to any living space. It brings an undeniable ambience to the room that is widely admired.

There is a vast variety of fresh-flower options to choose from to enhance the beauty and feel of interior spaces. One such flower is the carnation. Popularly referred to as ‘the flower of the Gods’, carnations are one of the most-preferred blooms for decorating homes and other indoor spaces. You can easily buy carnations online or at your nearest flower shop. These flowers are available in many colours (and patterns) such as white, yellow, pink, purple, with stripes, and more.

In this article, we will discuss some great tips to decorate your home with the ever-gorgeous carnations.

  1. Add a colourful bouquet of carnations:If you are hard pressed with the decision to choose carnation blooms in a single colour, or to opt for a multi-hued bouquet, try picking the bouquet. A bright and vibrant bunch of stunning carnations will instantly brighten up any nook. It will add a distinct level of freshness to the space. If your home interiors are done in muted tones, such an arrangement will especially impart a cheerful vibe. Take an opaque hourglass shaped vase to further enhance the look of the carnations bouquet.

  2. Table centrepiece: Succulent carnations assembled in a variety of colours can immensely brighten up the dinner table. These beautiful flowers can be used as a table centrepiece in many ways. You can also place these rich flowers in a row in the middle of the table to elevate your table décor.

  3. Flower shelf: This is a great way to exhibit any flower variety you particularly like. Take an old wooden crate and nail it to the wall without the lid. The cavity presents an outstanding space to showcase a stunning vase of lovely carnations. You can paint the crate or adorn it any other way to match your home décor.

With these aforementioned ideas, you can easily exhibit beautiful carnations and style them to match your home interiors. Just call your nearest florist and have a bunch of carnations delivered to your home to get started.

Tips to keep your flower decoration fresh for a longer duration

The only concern with using fresh flowers is how to keep them fresh for a long time. Some helpful tips to help your flowers retain their freshness are as follows:

  • Empty 1/4 cup of soda into the flower vase. Or, you can also add one crushed aspirin to the water. Make sure to change the water every other day.
  • Give the stems a fresh cut to improve the lifespan of the bunch. A cut 5 cm long is enough.
  • Do a mid-week check to ensure your flowers are still alive. This will keep you posted about the condition of the flowers as well as allow you to order anothercarnation flower delivery well in time.

So, go ahead and adorn your spaces with stunning carnations blooms. You can easily order carnation online to get a hassle-free delivery right at your doorstep.

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