Horticultural Guide to Flower Shows

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The Horticultural Guide to Flower Shows, Botanical Gardens & Clubs

Gardening is an extremely fun and enjoyable hobby but it can get a little lonely at times. To address this, many groups have formed around the world. These horticultural groups share common gardening interests and get together to learn more from fellow members. There are also several other ways to enjoy all aspects of gardening. For example, visiting a botanical garden or a flower show can truly be an eye-opening experience. Botanical gardens showcase large collections of plants from around the world. Many of these organizations are also centers for the scientific research and study of plants. It is particularly interesting to visit botanical gardens that were established centuries ago, when people were first starting to develop a better knowledge of botany from other countries. On the other hand, while flower shows are less scientific in nature, they are every bit as enjoyable. They often feature events for children to enjoy as well, making it a fun outing for everyone in the family.

Botanical Gardens

Flower Shows

  • Philadelphia International Flower Show – This show is held in March and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show – This British flower show is hosted each year in May in London.
  • Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show – One of the most popular flower shows is this Melbourne event, held in March.
  • Hong Kong Flower Show – Hong Kong’s annual flower show at Victoria Park is hosted in March.
  • Floriade – This flower show in the Netherlands features a different location each time and is held every ten years between April to November.
  • Northwest Flower and Garden Show – This flower show takes places in Seattle, Washington, for five days in February.
  • Shrewsbury Flower Show – The Shrewsbury Flower Show is held each year in August.
  • Ellerslie International Flower Show – New Zealand’s famous flower show is hosted every March in Christchurch.
  • Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival – Disney’s flower show is held at the Epcot theme park from March to May.
  • Canada Blooms – Canada’s major annual flower show takes place in Toronto each March.
  • Harrogate Flower Show – This North Yorkshire show is held each April as well as in September for separate Spring and Autumn events.

Horticultural Societies and Clubs

  • American Horticultural Society – The AHS is among the oldest such organizations in the United States.
  • Ancient Society of York Florists – This old British group dates back to the mid-1700s!
  • Massachusetts Horticultural Society – The MHS is one of America’s oldest horticultural appreciation groups.
  • Florida State Horticultural Society – Florida’s leading horticultural group is also the very oldest throughout the U.S.!
  • Royal Oxfordshire Horticultural Society – One of Britain’s oldest horticultural societies was started in 1830.
  • Calgary Horticultural Society – Founded in 1908, this group is one of the oldest horticultural societies in Canada.
  • Royal Society of Tasmania – Australasia’s oldest horticultural and botanical group was started in 1843.
  • Paris Horticultural Society – Based in Paris, Ontario (Canada), this group has been thriving since 1863.
  • Horticultural Society of Iceland – Iceland’s oldest society dedicated to horticulture was founded in 1885.
  • Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto – Originally two separate groups, they were respectively established in 1987 and 1834, before later merging.
  • Minnesota State Horticultural Society – This group is one of the largest American horticultural societies.
  • Michigan State Horticultural Society – Established in 1870, this large group holds one of the largest U.S. horticultural shows each year.

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