How To Arrange Flowers In Vase?

Flower Arrangement In a Vase

Flowers are the smartest and easiest way to brighten up any room and add positivity. Fresh flowers not only look radiant in their unique hues, but also smell great and inspire. So, to add some flower power to your home or office, you need to understand how they should be arranged in a vase. You can then place the vase on a centre table or coffee table, or in a shelf, as per your taste. The vase can also add charm to a bedside table or a study station. If you don’t have a garden with fresh blooms, don’t worry, as flower delivery services available online can make it easy for you. So, let’s get started:

Getting the basics right

Before you start with the actual arrangement, make sure you have a pair of scissors or gardening shears handy. Get hold of a nice vase, plant food, clean water and your favourite flowers. Then, get rid of the extra leaves from the flower stems. Now, to cut the stems to the right size, you need to measure them against the vase first. Use the scissors or shears to cut the stems diagonally so that they soak more water and can live longer.

Next, half fill the vase with water, add the plant food, and stir well. Now, create a base by arranging the greens or fillers in a crisscross manner. Add primary flowers, or the ones you want to highlight. You can pick them from your garden or avail online flower delivery services. Spread them out well.

Add secondary flowers to complement the primary flowers and lend completeness to the arrangement. Spray roses, asters, gerberas and baby’s breath are some great secondary flowers you can choose. Then, add the green fillers.

Arrangement tricks you cannot ignore

  • Use a vase that is clean and not ridden with germs from the bouquet it had last held. A diluted solution of bleach can do the trick. Also, choose the vase in a colour that contrasts the flowers. A black vase for sunflowers or a white vase for red chrysanthemums is a good choice for example. Bronze or silver vases are apt for both pastel and bold coloured flowers. Glass or crystal vases are suited more for bright blooms.
  • If you want the flowers to last longer, choose a short vase and cut the stems short so that the water can quickly reach the blooms. For flowers like dahlias and peonies, cut the stems underwater to boost their longevity.
  • Fill the vase with lukewarm water if you are using flowers like ranunculus. This will help them bloom better.
  • Always put heavier or bigger flowers in the vase first. Then add lighter blooms to fill gaps.
  • While adding greens, try to keep large leaves and stems towards the rim of the vase. They should surround the flowers but not overpower them.
  • If the vase is half filled, change water every two days. And if it is filled by less than half, change the water more frequently. Re-cut the stems periodically so that water gets absorbed efficiently.
  • Keep the flower arrangement away from direct sunlight or heaters to prevent fading or wilting.
  • If your arrangement contains hydrangeas, you can use alum powder to delay wilting. Just place the cut stems in the powder directly while you finish the arrangement.

So, are you ready to create a wonderful floral arrangement in a vase of your choice, at home? Keep the above tips in mind and you can easily deck your interiors with beautiful and fresh blooms in no time.

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