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How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Every Day Of Valentine Week?

How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Every Day Of Valentine Week?

Love is in the air and it’s time to celebrate the day of love with gifts. The month of February brings so much excitement into the lives of lovers. During this month, the world celebrates the Valentine’s week that begins from the 7th to 14th. Each day of the week has a special significance, which can be celebrated with some unique gifts.

In this article, we will have a look at the different days that build up the Valentine’s week. Besides, we will also have a look at some great gift ideas that you can give to your partner to make this day even more special.

  1. Rose Day

    Celebrated on the 7th of February, this day marks the start of the Valentine week. On this day, lovers entice their partners with gorgeous bouquets of red roses that serve as the best way of expressing deep emotions for someone. The theme of the day is roses and the promise they bring- of happiness, fragrance and never-ending love. You can also opt for flower delivery to make sure your flowers reach your partner right at their doorstep.
  2. Propose Day

    Celebrated on 8th February, this day is for all kinds of proposals to give to your favourite one. It is the day you confess your feelings for your crush. If you are planning to propose someone, it is advisable that you plan the perfect date. Book an appropriate place and carry a nice gift that will bring a smile to the face of your crush. You can go for a lovely cake, some flower arrangement or a beautiful teddy that he or she can cherish forever.
  3. Chocolate Day

    Chocolate Day is the third day of the Valentine week that is celebrated on the 9th of February. This day is perfect for adding the much needed sweetness to your relationship with some delectable chocolate bars. You can opt for a basket of premium chocolate bars and homemade truffles oozing with cream. Curate a basket using different chocolate flavours such as almond, butterscotch, strawberry, mint, and more. You can also add other savoury items to the basket as per the preference of your partner.
  4. Teddy Day

    10th February is celebrated at Teddy Day. This day brings back all the childhood memories of snuggling with your favourite stuffed toy. Gift a nice and sweet teddy to your partner that is absolutely huggable. You can also go for a teddy bouquet that has flowers on the sides and a beautiful teddy in the middle.
  5. Promise Day

    Celebrated on 11thFebruary, Promise Day represents the significance of commitment in a relationship. On this day, you can make your loved one feel all the more special with a promise of always holding on to each other along with a thoughtful gift card that expresses your feelings.
  6. Hug Day

    Celebrated on 12thFebruary, Hug Day denotes a beautiful expression of love, when you give a warm hug to your partner to let them know that you are always there for them. You can make this day more special by gifting a beautiful flower combo of carnations and gerberas that can really brighten up the day.
  7. Kiss Day

    Kiss day is celebrated on 13thFebruary, when you share your first kiss of love. To rejoice the day, find the ideal spot, arrange a date, carry a lovely bunch of chocolates and seal your promise with a soft kiss.
  8. Valentine’s Day

    14th February, i.e. Valentine’s Day culminates the week. This is the most celebrated day of love for lovers across the world. A thoughtful gift of lovely flowers is the best way to end the week on a perfect note.

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