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How To Create A Mixed Floral Arrangement For Your Sister's Birthday?

How To Create A Mixed Floral Arrangement For Your Sister's Birthday?
The bond between siblings is one of the strongest in the world. It doesn’t matter whether there a 2 years age difference or an 8 year age difference, siblings will always be there for each other. If you’re lucky enough to have an older sister, she will be your second mom. On the other hand, if your sister is younger, you’ll always be protective of her even when she’s 60 years old. Given the strength of this relationship, your sister’s birthday will always be important to you.

Why flowers?

There are a number of gifts you can present your sister on her birthday. From books and art supplies for the creative sister to gadgets for the sister who likes technology, the choices are endless. But, there’ always a risk when you buy material gifts. Your sister may not like your choice or worse- she may already own something similar. So, what’s the one gift you can get her that she will always appreciate- a bouquet if fresh flowers!

Finding the right bouquet

Almost all sisters love receiving flowers on their birthday. With online flower delivery, even if you’re not in the same town, you can send your sister flowers on her big day and be a part of the celebration. Flowers are available in a range of prices. These prices depend on two main factors- the type of flowers and the number of flowers. Some flowers like lilies are typically more expensive than others like roses. However, you must note that these flowers last much longer too. If you’re on a budget, this can be troublesome. The solution will be to give a mixed arrangement.

As the name suggests, a mixed arrangement is a bouquet of different types of flowers put together. These arrangements can be a lot more budget friendly. For example, it would cost you less to get a mixed arrangement of lilies, and carnations that to get a bouquet of only lilies. If you want to put together a mixed arrangement, here are a few tips.

Play with colour

Mixed arrangements can be as vibrant as you like. Unlike bouquets of single flowers where the bouquet looks best if all the flowers are the same colour, a mixed arrangement can have 2-3 different colours of flowers. However, mixing too many colours may be a little much. Pick colours that complement each other. For example, you could pair purple orchids with pink gerberas.

Mix and match heights

In a mixed arrangement, some flowers should be tall while others are shorter. So, if you’re picking lilies and gerberas, don’t cut the lily down to the same height as the gerbera. Green fillers are ideal to bridge the gap between the heights of the different flowers. These fillers also add volume to your arrangement.

The biggest advantage of a mixed arrangement is that you can get a few expensive flowers and a big arrangement without spending too much. To make sure your arrangement lasts for a long time, ensure that you pick the freshest flowers for your bouquet. Also, make sure that they are presented well. You can choose to present a mixed arrangement in the form of bouquet or in a basket. You could even present the arrangement in a vase. Putting the flowers in a vase reduces the work your sister has to do- all she needs to do is find a spot in her room for your flowers.   

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