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How to keep your Flower bouquets pest free and long-lasting

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Did you know that keeping those beautiful bouquets alive for a longer period of time is now not a very difficult task? Bouquets are a beautiful gesture of love so naturally, taking care of them really matters. It’s our responsibility to provide them with a healthy environment. In order to make a better environment for our beautiful bouquets, a major challenge we face is pest attacks. Tackling them with chemical pesticides is an easy way out, but we all know the drastic effects it has on the environment.

Here are some healthy ways to keep your precious bouquets pest free and long-lasting.

1.  Location matters

One of the most efficient ways to prevent pest attacks in the first place is to choose a safe location for your dear bouquets. Place the bouquet in an ideal place in your home that is not easily accessible to pests and make sure that the surroundings are not pest breeding friendly. A hygiene surrounding is necessary for the bouquet to thrive too.

2. Turmeric

Is there anything that turmeric can't solve? Just like how turmeric does wonders to our skin and body, a turmeric solution made by dissolving 25 grams of turmeric powder in water will work best to avoid pests and give those precious flowers a healthy growth.

 3. Shikakai (Acacia concinna)

The Shikaki extract shall work wonders in preventing pest attacks if sprayed four times a week. Soak the Shikaki seeds overnight and the next morning extracts the water and dilutes the solution to make the spray.They are a great pest-killer. Soak them overnight in water and next morning squeeze the pulp from the shikakai and prepare a solution with water of about one liter and spray it over. This shall kill the eggs that are there and prevent future attacks.

4. Neem oil

To create a protective coating over our bouquets, add 10 ml of neem oil and a bit of shampoo to the water. Mix them well and spray them liberally, make sure you don't use any liquid detergent because they might shoot leaves.

5. Coffee Grounds

Just like how we all need a cup of coffee sometimes to keep up, our bouquets need them too. Mix coffee grounds with the composite to avoid fungal infestations. The coffee shall acidify the soil and keep the fungal infection away.

6. Pepper-Garlic-Olive Oil

A good mix of Garlic, Pepper, and Olive Oil can be diluted with water in a 1:10 ratio and sprayed over our goodie bunch to keep the villains away.

7. Hing and buttermilk

To make our bouquets last longer, add 5 gms of hing or asafoetida in a liter of sour buttermilk and spray them all over to avoid the curling of the leaves.

8. Lots of good sunlight

Good sunlight is as important as water to our bouquets. Bouquets breathe healthier when they receive a good amount of water and sunlight. So, make sure your beautiful bunch receives an adequate amount of sunlight.

9. Chili, garlic, and ginger

Grab one clove of garlic, one chili, and ginger. Grind them into a thick paste, squeeze the water from the paste and create a solution. Spray them into the bouquets and say goodbye to the pests.

10. Distance from other plants

We all tend to keep our bouquets close to each other so that it would get a lush green look. But this will damage them in the long run, so keep them apart at a decent distance so that the bugs from one don't travel to another and also, they get a good amount of space to grow and receive a decent amount of sunlight without any obstacles.

11. Plant healthy seedlings

Prevention is always better than cure. So always make sure that you keep only good quality healthy bouquets. Unhealthy weak bouquets undoubtedly are a party ground for the pests. So, for a healthy long-lasting garden, one must put in the effort from the first day itself!

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