A Simple Way to Make Your Work Place a Happy Place


When you walk out of your home and into your workplace, you look forward to walking into a space where you can make a mark and be comfortable at the same time. A happy work place is where actual work gets done - a fact that one simply cannot ignore. Whether you own a business, or go to work for someone else, it is imperative to create a space that helps you feel fresh and stimulates thinking. This is what will prompt productive action and happiness at the end of the day.

So, here are a few simple ways in which you can make your work place a happy place - just order flowers and let the colors talk.

Planters and Indoor Plants:

You can look into indoor plants like small palms, bonsais with tiny flowers and buds, mother-in-law’s tongue, hibiscus or money plants that can be placed in various corners of the office. How does this help? Well, for starters, you can break the monotony of chrome and glass as well as the corporate colors, with some greenery. These plants also need less maintenance which makes them ideal for office settings - watering them regularly and sunning them every few days is all you need.

A Bunch of Flowers:

Look around your office. Do you have a lot of flat surfaces like any other office, with end tables, cabins, desks, receptionist areas and more? Then, why not create a pleasing ambience when people walk in?

You can easily layer these spaces with pretty flowers like orchids, carnations and even roses. Order flowers and get flowers delivered to the office on a regular basis, so that you always have some fresh and pretty colors along with some nice aroma, to soothe the senses and create an appealing space, for anyone who walks in.

Create Centerpieces with Designer Blooms

You can go one step ahead and create a simple yet stunning centerpiece that can instantly change the way your meeting room or office entrance looks. Order flowers like lilies, roses, daisies in one main colour and some other blooms in accent hues. Use some floral foams in a vase and start experimenting with different tight arrangements.

Layer a Terrace

If you have balconies and terraces in your office, then these can be the perfect oasis for yourself and your staff. Get some floral delights like easy to maintain orchids and other flowers that can grow in pots. Layer the space with indoor grass and invite people to take a break here for a wonderful aura to descend over your office.

Indoor Garden

If you have a wall behind the receptionist area or any other wide space where you can fit in a vertical garden with some floral creepers like orange blossoms, then you can also invest in the same. Just ensure that this wall is near a window or door for some fresh air and sunlight as well.

Creating floral delights can be the ultimate mood lifter for everyone in your office. So go right ahead and get flowers delivered to your work place!

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