How to preserve Roses and Other flowers?

Preserve Flowers Using Different Methods

If you receive a bouquet from your loved one for your birthday or anniversary, you always wanted it to last a lifetime. But since flowers are mortal you must preserve them carefully to make them look fresh. Not only receiving flowers makes us happy but giving someone makes us happy too. So if you have someone internationally you  can send them flowers online . There are various methods of preserving flowers depending upon the time, and money you invest in it. Preserving Roses is a great way to lock the memories like wedding day or any special event. You can preserve them only when they are fresh not when they are losing petals or started drooping.

Methods in Preserving :

Using Glycerin :

This is one of the easiest ways to keep the texture of the blooms, stem and leaves complete and the roses won’t wrinkle. Just dip the flowers in glycerin instead of water and prevent the flowers from drying.

Air Drying :

For this method hang the blossoms upside down and allow them to dry for 8-10 days based on the moisture in the flowers. Wrap the stems together with a rubber band. Remove them after the specified time period and spray aerosol hair spray to strengthen their petals. Experts suggests removing leaves from the stem as it prevents the flowers from drying fast. You should handle the roses very gently after doing this process as the flowers become brittle.

Using Silica gel :

This is the expensive method to preserve blossoms. Take an air-tight container and fill the container with silica gel up to an inch, place the flowers and again spread the gel on the flowers. Keep this for a few weeks until you find the flowers dried. Check the container for every two days and brush off if there is any gel remaining on the flower. You can keep the flowers like this until the flowers turns pink.

Book Pressing :

There’s a little effort you must keep in this method. Just take a big book and place the blossom in the center of the book with waxed paper covering above and bottom of the blossom. Close the book and leave untouched for ten days. Once the moisture is gone you can make something out of it.

Dip them in Wax :

It’s not at all easy to preserve roses with wax. Paraffin wax, Bees wax and Soy wax are usually preferred but Paraffin is commonly used to store roses. You need a vessel to melt the wax, be careful as you melt it. After checking the wax is not too hot you can dip the flowers completely in the wax and put in a container to dry them. After doing this repeat the same process so that the wax goes into the flowers completely. After the process you can decorate them in your living room.

These are just some of the methods used in preserving flowers. Other than these there are microwave pressing, Freeze Drying, Using Sand paper. Whatever method you choose be careful that the flowers are looking lively, not loosing their petals and the color retention is perfect. You should also keep in mind that the method of preserving must change on the further usage of the flowers. Before preserving flowers order flowers online to gift someone and give them a chance to try all these methods of preservation.

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