Flowers are great gifts for any occasion since they only can speak a million languages and can covey the exact message to the recepient. And this conveying of messages is possible only with proper selection of flowers and so the right choice of florist, weather we purchase flowers online or offline.

We should be clear about certain thins before we meet a florist:

  • We should be specific in our requirements. Be it offline or online orders. Our budget specifications should be dealt with, before placing an order. A good florist helps you find beautiful floral solutions on any budget.
  • The purpose of the current purchase of flowers. We should be clear of the occasion we are buying the flowers for.

There are 3 major aspects to be looked into before deciding a florist. They are Security, Privacy, Customer service.

  • Security: First major thing is security. You should get a clear idea from the florist about how secure his services are. We leave much private information like the credit card number and other details. So, it is essential to look for his credibility in this respect.
  • Privacy: You should also make sure from the florist, the privacy of your orders, addresses, bank account numbers, phone numbers etc.
  • Customer service: We should also look at the customer service, the florist has. It is very essential from the point of tracking our order.

Select your florist after asking these basic questions to yourself about the florist. Make a decision based on your answers.

  • What is the speciality of this florist?
  • What is his/her experience as a florist?
  • What is his/her reputation with the existing customers?
  • How will he deliver the flowers, and is there any charge?
  • Are the florist's flowers budget friendly?
  • What is the current trend in flower bouquets and does he have them included in the flowers catalogue?
  • What are the average prices for different flowers and such and how do they differ from other florists?

Weather you shop online or offline, do compare the prices of the various florist catalogues and then decide on a florist.

A florist would have to not only provide the perfect flowers but delivering them on time. It is a good idea to view some of his photographs of past works, like flower bouquet catalogues, with their reasonable prices. You need a florist who listens to you and offers appriopriate suggestions.

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