Mock orange (Philadelphus lewisii) is the Idaho State Flower. Mock orange is also called Lewis's Mock orange, Syringia (a confusing name as it usually refers to the unrelated lilacs) and Wild Mock Orange. Mock orange is a deciduous shrub, native to the western United States, and Idaho and Montana. Mock orange is an ornamental plant with aromatic flowers, best used in a shrubbery border or as an informal hedge.

Philadelphus lewisii Pursh

Mock orange flowers reliably bloom in late spring. Mock orange flowers are white, 2-3 cm wide and smell like orange blossoms. The Mock orange flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by Bees. Each Mock orange flower has four sepals, four petals, 1-4 cm in diameter. Mock orange flowers have many stamens, and an inferior to half-inferior ovary. The position of the ovary on Mock orange is below the level of attachment for other flower parts.Mock orange flowers are commonly (but not in all species) sweetly scented.

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  • Mock oranges are popular shrubs in parks,and gardens.
  • The plant is poisonous to cats.
  • Mock orange flowers are native to Northwestern U.S.
  • Mock orange flowers bloom in May-July.
  • The Mock orange fruit is a small capsule, containing numerous small seeds.
  • The bark of Mock orange plant is thin and flaky, finely shredding in longitudinal strips.
  • Mock-oranges are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including The Engrailed.

Idaho attained statehood on July 3, 1890.The state was the 43rd state to join the Union. Idaho's official flag was adopted in 1907.

  • Idaho is located between Longitude: 114 degrees 57.4'W and Latitude: 44 degrees 15.4'N.
  • Nicknames of Idaho state are The Gem State, Gem of the Mountains, and Little Ida.
  • Idaho state Motto is Esto Perpetua - Let it be perpetual.
  • The bordering States of Idaho are Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
  • Total Land Area of Idaho state is 83,557 square miles, 13th in area size.
  • The average annual rainfall approaches 26 inches.
  • Temperature extremes are seen in Idaho, with highest at 118 degrees (at Orofino July 28, 1934); lowest at -60 degrees at Island Park Dam, January 18, 1943.
  • The population of Idaho according to 2004 census is 1,393,262, making it the 39th most poulous state of the unioun.
  • Idaho's major industries are manufacturing electronics and computer equipment, food processing, lumber and wood processing, and chemical and allied products, followed by agriculture, tourism, and mining.
  • Idaho is the number one producer of potatoes, trout, Austrian winter peas, and lentils.
  • Places of interest are the Craters of the Moon National Monument; Nez Perc National Historic Park, which includes many sites visited by Lewis and Clark; and the State Historical Museum in Boise.
  • Other attractions are the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area south of Boise, Hells Canyon on the Idaho-Oregon border, and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in south-central Idaho.
  • The nation's largest elk herds, seen in Idaho draw hunters from all over the world, and the famed Sun Valley resort in the state attracts thousands of visitors to its swimming, golfing, and skiing facilities.
  • Sun Valley, one of the nation's best-known year-round vacation spots, an example of the development of resorts in Idaho.
  • Mining, once the major source of income, and still economically important, produces phosphates, gold, silver, molybdenum, antimony, lead, zinc, and other minerals.
  • Outstanding among Idaho's institutions of higher learning are the Univ. of Idaho, at Moscow; Idaho State Univ., at Pocatello; and Boise State Univ., at Boise.
  • Idaho has 3,100 river miles, more than any other state.
  • Dominated by the Rocky Mountains, Idaho's Shoshone Falls on the Snake River, drops 212 feet making it higher than Niagara Falls.
  • Hells Canyon, also on the Snake River in the state, is a gorge that is deeper than the Grand Canyon.