July Birth Month Flower

July Birth Flower

Do you have the birthday of a loved one coming up in July? So, you must be wondering what to send as a gift, especially if he or she is miles away! Well, there’s nothing like flowers to show how much you care and convey your love and admiration in a heartfelt manner. Thanks to online stores, picking up the right kind of birthday flowers for a July-born is easy. Now, water lilies are the birth month flowers for those born in July, and they are not only beautiful to look at, but also have smooth petals. These grow in fresh water and come in gorgeous shades of white, pink, red, peach, orange and yellow. 

And here are some arrangement ideas for water lily that the recipient will surely love and appreciate! All you have to do is order some flowers online and create a bouquet that you can hand over personally or avail online delivery services to get a wonderful bouquet delivered.  

Bring together multiple colours

Water lilies epitomise enlightenment and purity, and can look amazing in various arrangements. One of the best ones that can impress the birthday girl or boy is a bouquet of water lilies in different colours. Or, a combination of white and peach lilies or pink and yellow lilies can be a welcome gift as well. They have a mild and exotic scent, are vivacious and can brighten up any room in a jiffy.

Keep it classy with roses

If you are planning to send flowers to a July-born and make a lavish statement, a big arrangement of fragrant roses and water lilies can win you brownie points. A stylish glass vase containing red roses and pink lilies or yellow roses and red lilies can be a wonderful gesture. You can pair orange water lilies with red roses as well.

A single lily can impress too

A simple tall vase filled with water and containing a single water lily plant can charm the recipient like none other. It will need a few slat river rocks or pebbles at the bottom for a serene and earthy look. You can also send a broad brimmed and short vase containing a single lily to make a lasting impression on your loved one. Quirky shaped glass jars will also have a unique impact. Another idea is to send a trio of tall glass vases containing a single water lily each.

Make it cheerful with carnations

Water lilies exude calmness and inner peace while carnations are all about joy, happiness and love. So, combining these two blooms is always a good idea. Moreover, as carnations are available in a wide array of colours, ranging from red and pink to yellow, purple and oranges, you can play around with the type of arrangement you want. In other words, pink water lilies and red carnations or pink lilies and yellow carnations can make for a beautiful birthday bouquet. Orange carnations and peach lilies are also a fabulous idea if you want an energetic and unique look.

Try exotic with two kinds of lilies

Just like water lilies, Asiatic lilies can take your breath away with their large flower heads, lightly dotted and thick petals and subtle fragrance. So, why not bring these two types of lilies together and create a bouquet with complementary colours or contrasts. Red, pink, yellow and orange are the best hues for a birthday party and you can choose the two types of lilies accordingly.

Go with asters for a delicate look

Blessed with a starry shaped flower head, asters are pretty yet simple and come in pink, lavender, yellow, purple and blue hues. They have a light scent and symbolise love and patience. So, for someone who has their birthday in July, a bouquet of water lilies and asters can look charming. They will complement each other beautifully, owing to the subtle similarity in shapes.

Are you all set to make the July birthday of a loved one special now? Choose from the above floral arrangements with water lily, keeping in mind the recipient’s taste, and surprise them by sending fresh and gorgeous flowers online.

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