Ways To Keep Roses Fresh In A Vase

Ways To Keep Roses Fresh In A Vase

The celebrations of a happy occasion are just over and you are busy arranging the numerous gifts that you have received from friends and family. Flowers are among the most precious gifts out there and you must be really happy to have got the opportunity to deck your home with the red and yellow roses for the next few days. Well, for this to happen, you must take a few steps towards preserving the flowers well and prevent them from drying up too soon. Following are some of the ways in which you can keep the bouquet of roses fresh and blooming even after you arrange the flowers in a vase. So, let’s find out exactly how.

Cut the Stems of the Roses

Forgetting to cut the stems of the flowers while putting them in a vase is the most common mistake that people often commit. Use a garden shear and trim one or two inches off from the bottom at an angle. Cutting the stems at an angle helps in better water intake of course, because the flowers are not sitting flat on the bottom of the vase. This is the initial cut and this should be followed by subsequent re-trimmings once every few days. Do this basic thing and you will be surprised by how you get to behold these beautiful blossoms for days at a stretch.

Do Not Forget to Prune As Well

Flowers look beautiful with the leaves attached to them. Leaves are also often used to beautify a bouquet and grab the attention of people who buy roses online. However, when you are putting the very same flowers into a vase to keep them fresh for long, you must ensure that there are no leaves below the water line. This makes your vase look good while also preventing bacterial growth that shortens the life of the roses. Pruning, which is the process of removing these leaves, will also allow the flowers to open up fully.

Hydrate Your Vase Wisely

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that water keeps roses fresh. So, you need to hydrate the roses by filling the vase but it is necessary to do it wisely enough. Make sure that the vase is clean. You can then fill it with room temperature water and mix a packet of flower food in it. The mixing should be such that the water should neither be too diluted nor too concentrated. You must also change the water and flower food every two to three days.

Keep the Vase in the Coolest Spot of Your Home

Many of us love to order roses online since they are so easily available to deck up our houses. Taking care of the flowers when they arrive is more crucial a task than buying them online. Roses last longer in colder temperatures so, place the vase in an otherwise cool corner of your home. Avoid exposing them directly to sunlight or any appliances that generate heat. Also, ensure keeping the vase filled with roses away from open windows, cooling vents or even ceiling fan as these cause the flowers to dehydrate real fast. Ripened fruits, for similar kind of reasons, should not be kept near the flower vase.

Show a bit of tender love and care to the flowers and they will keep your home colourful and happy for longer than you expected.

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