Lavish Gift Ideas For Your First Anniversary

Lavish Gift Ideas For Your First Anniversary

How do you thank your partner for life for gifting you their companionship? Wedding anniversaries are indeed a joyous occasion that can be made more special with the help of thoughtful gifts and flowers. Whether you are planning to get an anniversary bouquet or a gift, it is the thought that matters. Your better half should feel special on this day because they deserve the best on this special occasion. If you want to surprise them, it is always smart to start planning an anniversary gift ahead of time. Here are a few unique ideas.

Chocolate basket:

A chocolate basket is going to be a sure shot hit with your partner. Who doesn’t love chocolates and who doesn’t love an entire basket filled with their favorite chocolates? Grab a basket and fill it with your partner’s favorite chocolates. You can also choose gourmet chocolate bars or truffles to add to the wonderful gift basket.

Gift basket:

A gift basket can mean different things for different people. A gift basket should be filled with your partner’s favorite things. It could be books by their liked author, a good perfume, a box of chocolates, some flowers or even a new necklace or a watch. Be mindful that a gift basket can be varied depending on the personal preference of the person you are gifting it to. So literally the sky is the limit!

Fruit basket:

These days, edible fruit baskets or edible fruit bouquets are quite popular. Fruit baskets are the perfect alternative to flowers or even chocolates. You can get chocolate covered fruits for them or even get fruits cut in different, fun shapes. A lot of florists also create fruit bouquets; you might want to start by enquiring there. If not, you can always look at online flower delivery companies to see if they can help you find the perfect fruit arrangement for your anniversary.

Spa basket:

Togetherness means a lot of pampering, and when your anniversary is around the corner why not get pampered together? A spa basket is perfect for the day of your anniversary. You can plan a couple’s spa day on the actual day of your anniversary to spend the day together. A spa basket can include aromatic essential oils, monogrammed bathrobes, monogrammed bathroom slippers, and scented lotions, body washes etc. You can also add a cute, handwritten card about spending the special day together and a few spa coupons for later use.

Floral basket:

The elegance of flowers is unmatched. Check out special anniversary flower arrangements for your partner. These beautiful flower arrangements use special, unique flowers in order to create the perfect floral basket for your partner. You can also pick the kind of flowers you like and they will make a customized floral arrangement for you. Now isn’t that fantastic? Flowers are a great way to tell the other person you love them and that they are special to you, so start planning the perfect floral surprise.

A lot of companies offer online anniversary bouquet delivery, allowing you to simply pick flowers or chocolates online, while they deliver it for you. Regardless of whether you are in the same city or not, it is always a good idea to surprise your partner with something beautiful. On your anniversary, it is important to make your partner feel special. So, time to pull out your thinking caps and figure out what is the best that you can gift to your partner.

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