Gift Flowers That Are Low On Maintenance!


As the holiday season is just around the corner and the air is already filled with happiness, people are busy thinking of gift ideas for their friends and family. When it comes to gifting, there are whole lot of things available in the market to match the occasion. There's one gift however, which can be presented anytime and to anyone, whatever be the celebration. Flowers, blooming in vibrant hues, make for a perfect holiday present. Colourful, bold and bright – these beauties of nature are not just a décor element but go beyond to spread joy and cheer. It's no surprise that flowers are always received with smiles, reflecting immediate happiness. Fresh flowers create a vibrant space too.

This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of flowers and add to their joy in your special way. You can easily send flowers internationally. Order online and rest assured that your gift will be delivered on time and with great warmth.

Here's a list of flowers that are ideal for gifting as they are low on maintenanceand can thrive almost anywhere.


The trumpet-shaped flowers of this plant make a fabulous gift for any occasion. You can gift a potted bulb in full bloom or just the bulb to pot up.The plant will take care of itself if placed in bright light and watered adequately.

Paperwhite Narcissus:

Take a tall glass vase, fill it with water and place the bulb of the plant in it. Put it in a place where there is adequate sunlight. Change the water every week. Also, rotate the vase to ensure that the stems are straight as the flowers grow towards the light.


Potted hydrangeas are a great gifting idea. The stunning flowers come in an amazing range of colours and are easy to maintain. They require indirect sunlight and proper hydration for keeping the soil moist.

African Violet:

These plants offer a burst of colours. Clusters of pink, blue, white or purple blooms among lush green leaves are no less than a visual delight. With the right amount of light and water, they grow easily. Make sure not to leave it soggy. Let the plant dry out between watering sessions.


This plant comes in a variety of shades ranging from snowy white and bright red to all shades of pink. They have tender heart-shaped leaves with different patterns in white or silver. Give it plenty of indirect light and the plant will bloom perfectly.


Also known as Flamingo flowers, this houseplant is a great choice for gifting because it improves the air quality of home interiors. The bright red colour of the flowers and their heart-shaped structure are an immediate mood booster. It is relatively easy to grow and with little care, it continues to produce flowers round the year.


Bromeliads are best known to flourish in all types of climatic conditions. Their only requirements are proper amount of light, water and air circulation. These plants easily grow and multiply with little-to-no-care and come in a variety of colours. They can be grown in pots and kept indoors as well.

With flowers that are low on maintenance and need little care, you can easily make the festive season for your loved ones more special. Send flowers international through online flower deliveries and convey your best wishes.

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