How To Make A Christmas Wreath?


The tradition of hanging wreaths makes Christmas more special. A wreath that symbolises so many different things like victory, growth and eternity, is also one of the most important decorations that we use to celebrate the holiday season. Most houses hang beautifully crafted wreaths on their front doors and above the mantles. There are different kinds of wreaths available in the market, but nothing really compares to a handmade one. Christmas is indeed a great time to get in the holiday spirit and indulge in some festive fun by making handmade wreaths. If you are ready for a creative mess, here are some ideas for making professional looking brilliant wreaths at home.

  1. Floral Wreath:

    Floral wreaths go best with the Christmas season. You can use an assorted mix of winter blooms to enjoy nature in your home. Take an oasis tray of 18-22 inches and place it in a bowl of water. Let it absorb water. Meanwhile, cut and prepare the foliage and fresh flowers. For foliage, you can use the seasonal eucalyptus and berried ivy. Start with placing the eucalyptus twigs on the side edges while moving towards the centre. Alternate with a row of ivy. Continue to trim as and when necessary. Now it’s the turn to add the flowers. But before that, add a red or green ribbon for hanging the wreath. Take your fresh flowers now – roses in all colours, lilacs, peonies, hydrangeas and white chrysanthemums are ideal for this use. You can use the facilities to receive and send flowers online to collect the blooms of your choice. Avoid choosing flowers that are skinny, delicate or small. Place the flowers randomly to make them look more natural. Don’t put the same flowers in succession. Make a random pattern out of the blooms. Complete the look with a bow made from a pink or white ribbon, placed at the centre with the help of a stub wire.
  2. Silk Wreath:

    Silk wreaths look very elegant and are a great addition to brighten up homes. They can be made easily with just a few things. You can also go about the same way as in the above-mentioned floral wreath, except with artificial foliage, silk flowers and berries placed on a circular wire structure or a grapevine wreath. While you can weave the foliage, for flowers, you can use floral wires or glue to secure them. Use colourful ribbons and bows to infuse more grace. 
  3. Paper Wreath:

    With cardboard, crepe paper in assorted colours, floral wire and wire cutters, glue and thread, you can create a beautiful paper wreath. If you are good at origami, you can try out origami designs as well. Make a circular wreath base out of the cardboard or the floral wire. Cut leaves from green paper. Make flowers in different colours by cutting the petals and joining them in layers with the help of glue and wire. Entwine the leaves and the flowers on the circular frame. For the cardboard frame, you can stick it with glue. Use your creativity to decide the placement of the flowers. Once the circle is complete with flowers and leaves, you can hang it over the mantle or the front door.

This holiday season, show your creativity and design a wreath that not only blends with your home décor but also gets you in the holiday spirit. These DIY activities in simple steps will surely make your Christmas extra special.

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